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3C 2017 - 2018


Welcome to 3C with Miss Cathcart and Mrs Johnston!


We have been very impressed with how well the children are already settling into life at Seaton St Paul's C of E Junior School. They arrived with positive attitudes and brilliant manners. We are really looking forward to a busy and exciting year.


This half term our theme is Scrumdiddlyumptious. During this topic we will focus on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl. We will be looking at nutrition in Science and respect in Collective Worship as well as taking part in school events such as Harvest Festival.

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We really enjoyed taking part in a duathlon during PE this week!

3C enjoyed creating some packaging during Design Technology this afternoon. They used bright colours and patterns to help attract their target audience.

3C hard at work writing some fantastic river non-chronological reports.

3C spent the day learning about our local rivers at Tullie House yesterday.

3C used their new knowledge of angles to find acute, obtuse and right angles in a piece of artwork by Kandinsky.

3C had fun in the sun today when we played rounders today!

3C have really enjoyed recreating artwork by Matisse this afternoon.

On Friday, 3C visited Walby Farm Park to learn all about different animal's diets, habitats and needs. A great day was had by all!

Children from 3C helping to create our new Science display.

In 3C today, we have been creating freeze frames to show summer.

3C worked collaboratively this afternoon to match bone names to the correct areas on the human skeleton.

Year 3 had some special visitors today in the form of birds of prey. They found out what features the birds have to enable them to be efficient predators, drew sketches of the birds and watched a show. This was a fantastic 'WOW' lesson to start our new topic, 'Predator'. Thank you to Richard from Silverband Falconry for an interesting, informative day.

The children in 3C used the playground and field to find a range of rock types. They created field sketches and stone rubbings to help them record the rocks that they found.

3C really enjoyed their time in the library this afternoon with Mrs Dickinson.

3C really enjoyed their time in the library this afternoon with Mrs Dickinson. 1

3C working hard to complete their BIG Maths problems.

3C enjoyed finding the perimeter of a range of objects yesterday.

3C added some fantastic vocabulary to their Wow Word books during our Class Novel session today. We used dictionaries to help us understand the meaning of each word.

3C became palaeontologists today when they uncovered fossils such as trilobites and gastropods.

3C enjoying their music lesson with Mr Milner.

3C began learning classroom instructions in French today

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3C finding key features of a biography in English today.

We investigated magnet strength today using paper clips and different types of magnet.

3C are really enjoying reading The Iron Man by Ted Hughes as their class novel this half term.

Year 3 have been learning about reflection and mirrors this afternoon in Science. During one of their activities, they had to hold a mirror over their head so they could see the line and their feet reflected in it. By looking only in the mirror, they had to follow the wiggly line from one end to the other.

Year 3 enjoyed a very informative talk from the PCSO last week as part of Road Safety Week. We would like to say a huge thank you to Lisa for reminding us how to stay safe around the village.

3C worked in groups to lead our Collective Worship this week. Our current value is courage.

3C doing some conscience alley activities using a chapter in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

A big thank you to the sports coach who has really helped us to improve our tennis skills.

3C really enjoyed our trip to Tullie House on Friday. We learned lots about prehistory and it was a great start to our Tribal Tales topic.

There were some spectacular experiments going on during 3C's Spooky Science afternoon.

We love conversing in French.

We think that our class novel, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, is fantastic. We would recommend it to adults and children!

3C love our BIG Maths sessions!

3C really enjoyed their Growth Mindset workshop sessions this morning. They shared some brilliant examples of Growth Mindset in context and their enthusiasm shined through!

3C 2016 - 2017


Welcome to 3C with Miss Cathcart and Mrs Johnston!

If you enter 3C you are sure to find hard workers who are proud of their work. We are always looking for ways to improve and are currently working hard with our times tables and reading. We strive for five!


Summer Term 


We can hardly believe that we are in our final term of Year 3 and that we have nearly completed a whole year at SJS! This term we are looking forward to our new topic, Predator. Sports day and the summer show are also fast approaching so we are all set for another busy term. Friendship is our new Collective Worship value and we have begun exploring what characteristics a good friend should have. 


Spring Term


We are enjoying being back at school, using our growth mindset and perseverance to help us work on some challenging topics. This half term we will be looking at different factors that affect plant growth, heroes and villains in Ancient Egyptian times, and how different religions pray. We have also begun our swimming lessons and Kidsafe sessions.


We can't believe that it is March already and we have been at Seaton St Paul's C of E Junior School for more than half a year! We have started our Mighty Metals topic and love The Iron Man by Ted Hughes. We have also made some Stone Age bread and cave drawings. Our swimming skills are improving every week. Celebrating difference is our new PSHE topic and it has been very interesting so far. 

Autumn term

We are all starting to settle in to life at Seaton Junior School and look forward to the year ahead. Please come back to look at the exciting projects that we do in the weeks ahead.


Our topic this half term is Scrumdiddlyumptious! We are looking forward to reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl which is our current class novel.


In September, we will be looking at Fair-trade products and the different food groups as well as getting to grips with place value and instruction writing. We will spend time researching nutrition online and will track a banana on its journey to our lunchboxes!


3C have had a tremendous first half term. We enjoyed our school trip to Tesco learning all about where our foods come from and what they contain. We are beginning to master many maths techniques. Our 4 a day calculations have really helped us with this. We are looking forward to next half term when we will be moving on to looking at volcanoes and rocks as part of our exciting curriculum!

During the half term leading up to Christmas we have been learning all about rocks, volcanoes and the Christmas story. We have completed Science and Geography experiments as well as rehearsing for our upcoming Christmas services. In English, we have written some brilliant diary entries and non-chronological reports. We really enjoyed using chocolate buttons to help us add and subtract fractions and look forward to Spring term!




3C's amazing class assembly this morning 6.7.17. Thank you for coming!

3C measured out some magical ingredients to make a flying potion today!

3C used their love of reading and excellent maths skills to complete book orders this morning. They used column addition and subtraction to help them try to get the exact total of £75. They also had to persuade others why they had chosen their books.

3C loved collaborating on some artwork with Mrs Lee. It is named 'Seaton Sky'

3C created their own display to help others learn about the different bones of a human skeleton. They looked at the different properties a bone must have in order to provide movement and protection.

Year 3 enjoyed a wonderful visit from Silverband Falconry today. They had an informative talk, the chance to handle an owl and completed a detailed sketch of a bird of prey. The day was finished off with a spectacular birds of prey show for the whole school. Many thanks to Silverband for an unforgettable day!

3C have been finding key information and answering questions from a cowboy wanted poster this morning.

Year 3 enjoyed planting their sunflowers this afternoon!

Year 3 enjoyed planting their sunflowers this afternoon! 1

3C are hard at work researching whether animals should be kept in zoos or not. Our new English topic is balanced arguments.

3C deciding what ingredients make a good friend as an introduction to our new Collective Worship topic, Friendship.

Here we are singing Heads, shoulders, knees and toes in French!

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3C investigated the amount of friction different surfaces created.

3C are computing experts! They are currently using Scratch to learn about coding!

Here we are using role to play to help us understand more about Zacchaeus the Tax Collector (Luke 19:1-10). This made us understand more about the forgiveness of Jesus and his followers.

We looked at the layout of letters today. We decided what we would like to write if we were Hogarth and thought of our forgiveness value to help us understand Hogarth and The Iron Man's relationship.

Presentation and handwriting have really improved in 3C. Here they are concentrating whilst writing a poem very neatly!

3C are fantastic historians!

Working hard to complete some tricky grammar quizzes.

We used artwork to help find parallel and perpendicular lines in Maths.

Here we are creating some cave drawings that you might have found during The Stone Age.

To begin our Stone Age topic, we made some bread. It tasted interesting...

We love our new class novel. Here we are scanning the text to find key information on what The Iron Man looks like before drawing him and annotating him using adjectives.

To finish our Ancient Egypt topic, we have created some fantastic information leaflets.

Here we are putting key Ancient Egyptian events in chronological order.

We loved learning about healthy eating with Mr Wright.

Here we are working on some challenging money questions in Maths

We love comprehension lessons

We love  comprehension lessons 1

3C are really enjoying their Mathletics sessions

We love art with Mrs Lee. Here we are doing some Aboriginal art.

Year 3 worked together to create a fair test and investigate water transportation through the stem and up into the petals. We put our flowers in different environments to see if temperature made the process speed up or down.

3C are fantastic at presenting their research. They looked in books to find out how different religions pray and shared their findings with the rest of the class.

We dissected some paper flowers to learn more about the different parts of a flower and the jobs that these individual parts do.

Some members of 3C working hard to match fronted adverbials to the correct sentences to improve their fairy tale writing.

Here we are practising using our dictionaries to correct spellings.

We are brilliant code breakers here in 3C. We worked in pairs to solve some problems using Roman Numerals.

Here we are testing rocks to find out their properties.

We really enjoyed meeting our Class Governor Mrs Shepherd. She helped us with some of our Collective Worship.

We created some brilliant posters during Anti-Bullying Week.

We created some brilliant posters during Anti-Bullying Week. 1

We have been enjoying learning the numbers to ten in French

3C have really enjoyed playing football during PE this term.

We recreated a volcanic eruption using washing up liquid, vinegar and baking soda!

We recreated a volcanic eruption using washing up liquid, vinegar and baking soda! 1

These children brought in rocks and information about volcanoes from home. Well done guys.

These children brought in rocks and information about volcanoes from home. Well done guys. 1

We learned about turns and right angles in Maths.

We made chocolate rocks to show how sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic rocks are formed.

We love working collaboratively! Here we are trying some tricky missing number problems

We love working collaboratively! Here we are trying some tricky missing number problems 1

3C have written some wonderful instructions showing the reader how to make a three course bubblegum! This was based on our current class novel which is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory which we think is brilliant.

3C have written some wonderful instructions showing the reader how to make a three course bubblegum! This was based on our current class novel which is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory which we think is brilliant. 1

Check out our amazing display! We created food plates that are split into the different food groups. It is very important that we maintain a healthy diet

We love to read in 3C. We wrote some book reviews based on the book Wild About Books.