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Welcome to 3N with Miss Nicholson and Miss Holliday!


Welcome to 3N, there are 24 children in our class, everyone is excited to learn lots of new things in year 3. Our topics are Scrumdiddilyumpyions, Tribal Tales, Mighty Metals, Tremors, Predator and Flow.

3N are a friendly, well mannered class who are helpful, hard working and enthusiastic.

Everyone enjoys reading our class novels and are positive about achieving 100% in strive for five.



3N had a lesson investigating different pull and push forces. They predicted and recorded what happened.

Year 3 have a new topic 'Mighty Metals'. As our WOW lesson 3N enjoyed using the outdoor play equipment to explore how we use forces every day.

3N enjoyed learning their 3 and 4 times tables in a practical maths lesson.

3N were all very energetic this morning showing off their skills in PE.

3N finished their ‘Starry Night’ Art today after learning about Vincent Van Gough.

3N had a great day learning all about the Stone Age, even investigating and dissecting 'Stone Age poo'. A visitor came into school to teach us how people lived in the Stone Age. He brought in weapons, tools and clothes like those that would have been used. We also used paints to create our own cave drawings.

3N had lots of fun learning Yoga in their PE lesson with Miss Nicholson.

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3N have been learning and investigating light and reflection in Science.

Workington Rotary Club kindly donated dictionaries which 3N enjoy using in lessons.

3N enjoyed making delicious sandwiches in Food Technology.

3N had fun in PE this week learning new ball skills with Miss Nicholson.

3N enjoyed an exciting Science lesson making edible slime.

3N enjoyed their practical maths lesson investigating place value.

3N enjoyed their practical maths lesson investigating place value. 1