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Learning to march like a Roman soldier

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Our Fantastic Roman Visitor!

Making electric circuits

Making electric circuits 1
Making electric circuits 2
Making electric circuits 3
Making electric circuits 4
Making electric circuits 5
Making electric circuits 6
Making electric circuits 7
On Monday we worked hard in Science to work out what is needed to make a complete circuit. We made predictions about the circuits we thought would not work and suggested how to make these complete. 

Exciting Electricity!

This term in Science we are looking at electricity. To start off our new topic we have explored the difference between mains and battery electricity. 

4C working hard, writing in role as a Roman soldier.

4C having fun investigating how the digestive system works.

4C working hard in Maths

Teeth investigation

Yesterday 4C took part in a Growth Mindset workshop. They showed an excellent understanding of Growth Mindset and showed great enthusiasm when trying the challenges.

Problem solving using Dienes equipment

We have been working really hard in Maths since we came back to school. Over the past couple of weeks we have been exploring Place Value. Last week the children used the Dienes equipment to help us solve problems counting in 1000s.


Character investigations

4C have been enjoying their class novel Demon Dentist. Last week we took part in a character investigation of the three main characters so far; Miss Root, Dad and Gabz. Everyone worked extremely hard to find evidence in the book to support our ideas about the characters.

Welcome to 4C!


In 4C we are kind, hard-working and helpful. We have made a great start to Year 4 so far and we are enjoying our current topic 'Burps, bottoms and bile'. 

 4B 2016 -2017
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Welcome to 4B with Mrs Blair & Mrs Tunstall!


In 4B we are friendly, kind, helpful and are always ready to learn. We make a great team. 

We love reading and we look forward to regularly achieving 100% in Strive for 5!  



In Maths, as well as learning new skills, we revisit and revise some skills we already know. We put these into practice with fun games or by understanding how to use them to solve problems. We love practising our tables and have lots of fun using our knowledge for tables challenge games such as ‘shoot out’.
Picture 1
Our lessons are often interactive. The picture above was taken while we were learning about fronted adverbials (a key topic in year 4).

Wizards for the afternoon! Following instructions and meauring capacity/reading scales to make weird and wonderful potions!

Estimating and measuring the length of things in the garden.

Enjoying using sketchbooks in our lovely garden

The children wrote and presented a Roman gladiator battle scene

Teamwork in Maths to find the area of different shapes

Linking Geography to our Roman topic. The children worked in pairs using an atlas to compare Italy with England.

Making replica Roman coins from clay

Making Native American dreamcatchers.

Building electrical circuits to light the headlights on New York Yellowcabs!

Practical Maths - Measuring capacity

This morning, 4B took a 'flight' to NYC. We have had a day of fun filled activities connected to our 'Road Trip USA' topic.

This half term's child led class worship

Fun making christingles

Global Christianity Day

Getting creative in Art with Mrs Lee

Child Led Collective Worship

4B have enjoyed doing some clay modelling. We have made 3D mountain ranges for our classroom display. This is the theme for our first topic of the year, 'Misty Mountain Sierra'.

4B have enjoyed a physical day...football coaching with FA coach Matt Owen and PE with Mr Wright.

Previous year (2015-2016)
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Paired work in Maths to order decimal numbers in the context of length and money

Reading rugby players

Braving the weather with the rugby players!

Learning about British Values on the Queen's birthday

'ERIC - Everyone Reading In Class # 'worldbookday'

'4B debating whether we should be allowed to stay in during playtime - some great arguments from both sides!'

4B investigating 'state of matter' in Science

Improving Our Writing.