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Welcome to 4Q with Miss Quinton and Mrs McDowell
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There are 30 children in 4Q. We are friendly, kind, helpful and are always ready to learn. We try our best at all times and share a positive mindset. We understand that effort is the key to success. Together we make a great team. We enjoy reading and we look forward to regularly achieving 100% in Strive for 5! 


We have lots of exciting topics planned this year. At the moment, the majority of our lessons are linked to the theme of our current topic, 'Traders and Raiders'.We look forward to learning about the events during AD40 - 1066. 

During the first half of the Summer term,  our learning was linked to the theme,'Potions'. We learned about states of matter, the history of potions and we created our own spells  in the hope of turning our teachers into toads!

During the second half of the Spring term, our learning was liked to the theme, 'I am Warrior'. We found out about the Roman Empire and its impact on Britain. We also enjoyed a visit to Vindolanda and the Roman Army Museum. 

During the first half of the Spring term, our learning was linked to the theme,  'Road Trip USA'. We found out about the states of America, the country's physical features and Native Americans.  We also found out about electricity.

During the Autumn term, our learning was linked to our previous themes, 'Misty Mountain Sierra' and 'Bottoms, Burps and Bile' . During the first half term, we enjoyed learning about different mountains and their environments. During the second half term, we found out about the human digestive system and eating healthily. 

WOW- Viking Traders and Raiders Game

Timeline- AD40 - 1066

Roller Coaster Simulator

Magical Potions- Measuring and Following Instructions

States of Matter- Making Rice Krispie Cakes

Testing the Viscosity of Liquids in Science

The History of Potions/ Medicine- Writing Instructions and Making Poultice

4Q Class Assembly Dance

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Roman Army Training from 'Rufus Aelius Viktor'

DADWAVs: Boudica's Revolt

Road Trip USA Day with Cross-Curricular Links to Maths, English, Science and Geography

Playing Along to Native American Music

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Making Dreamcatchers in History/ Art

We made dreamcatchers, inspired by Native American traditions and beliefs.

Powering the headlights on a 'Yellow Cab'

Designing Toys and Completing Algorithms in ICT

The 'Big Quiz'- Fortnightly Learning Review

Experimenting with Simple Circuits in Science

Using Coins to Solve Money Problems in Maths

Planning Diary Entries about 'Visiting' Disney World, Florida

Learning about Resilience and How we Learn During our Learning to Learn Lesson

We made replicas of the human digestive system, including the waste, in Science!

Tu as un animal?

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4Q have been learning the names of different animals in French.


Child-led Collective Worship

Our Christian Value Display in the Hall

Gold Times Table Awards!

Planning and Leading Collective Worship in Class

Rehearsing for Harvest Festival

Using the School Library

Problem Solving in Maths

Measuring the Amount of Evaporation from Puddles

Contour Lines

During Geography lessons, we have been learning about physical geography.  We have also been using  maps and compasses, and have been identifying some of the different features used on maps. 

Researching Mountain Facts in English

We have been learning about the features of a non-chronological report in English. This lesson focused upon factual language.

Art with Mrs Lee

We have been experimenting with shape and texture in Art lessons.
Previous Year (2015-2016)
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Investigating lines of symmetry

We had a great time playing Tag Rugby!

We have been investigating circuits. It was very noisy but lots of fun!

Researching Victorian Workhouses

4QW have enjoyed finding out about British values.

4QW discussing, ‘Are bullies always bad people?’

History: Reenactment of Boudicca's Revolt Against the Romans

Playing the 'Sentence Opener' game in English

Fantastic group work in Maths

Safer Internet Day

4QW enjoying time in the school library.

Excellent group work in Science!

Every Wednesday we learn about an aspect of grammar. We also take part in grammar quizzes. These lessons are really helping us to improve our writing!
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Our lessons are always interactive. The picture above was taken while we were learning about fronted adverbials (a key topic in year 4).
Photographs taken during the first term
On Armistice Day, we were very lucky to welcome a member of staff from a local museum who held a remembrance assembly for year 4. We learned a lot of information about why it is important to remember and appreciate past and present soldiers.
This is us demonstrating how air particles vibrate and travel through the air in waves!
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This is Miss Quinton demonstrating that sound travels much slower than light!