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Welcome from the School Council


The School Council is an elected group of children (two from each year group) who get together and discuss things about our school. We are the voice of all the other children in our classes and it is our job to feedback their ideas and concerns to the Senior Leadership Team and Governors of the School.


Our councillors do such a fantastic job of listening to children in order to improve our school. The School Council meets bi-weekly so that councillors get plenty of time to listen to the views of their peers and not a moment is wasted!

The School Council are involved in important decision making.
- take forward initiatives and projects on behalf of the pupils
- are involved in the strategic planning of the School Improvement Plan
- help improve teaching and learning
- are involved in staff appointments

The School Council aim :
- To ensure the Senior Leadership Team and Governors respond to the views of all the pupils.
- To have an opportunity to let teachers know our feelings and opinions
- To have a say in decisions that affect pupils in the school
- To play an active role in making Seaton C of E Junior School a better place
- To help pupils at Seaton C of E Junior School enjoy their education and feel safe being in school


Our School Council

Our School Council 1