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Welcome to 3M with Mrs McGlasson, Miss Nann, Mrs Newstead & Mrs Carter!


There are 21 children in 3M, 11 boys and 9 girls. We are friendly, kind, helpful and are always ready to learn. We try our best at all times and share a positive mindset. We understand that effort is the key to success. Together we make a great team!


This year, we have lots of interesting topics planned. Currently, our topic is 'Tribal Tales' where we will learn all about The Stone, Bronze and Iron Age. In Science, we are learning about light.




Year 3 had a fantastic time this morning taking part in the Easter egg hunt. They searched around our school yard looking for the eggs. Well done to our winners in Year 3!

Congratulations to Mason for receiving our Star of the Week away! Keep up the super improvements! (26/03/21)

3M thoroughly enjoyed their class birthday party this week! We has so much fun dancing and playing party games!

Well done to Elle for winning our design a red nose competition!

Congratulations to Mason for getting our Star of the Week award! (19/03/21)

Year 3 had a fantastic afternoon learning about the ancient and modern Olympics. We took part in a few of our own events and had lots of fun!

Congratulations to Isla for getting our Star of the Week award! (11/12/20)

3M have really enjoyed painting their mugs from the Crafty Workshop. We had some fantastic designs and we can't wait to see the finished products!

Our Star of the Week in 3M is Jessica! (4/12/20)

3M have had a super time this week creating 3D pieces based on Van Gough's Starry Night. They have all worked hard to develop their skills, and we are very impressed with the finished products!

3M are loving their Tennis sessions!

Well done Amelia on her Star of the Week award! (27/11/20)

3M had a wonderful afternoon at our class party!

Congratulations to Elle on becoming 3M's Star of the Week! Keep up the fabulous work! (20/11/20)

3M really enjoyed taking part in role play. The children thought of some questions they would ask Barney about the robbery from our class novel and acted out the interview scenario with the police officer.

3M completed a practical activity using the Base 10 in Maths. They used the equipment to develop their knowledge and understanding of how to 'borrow' to answer a subtraction question that involved crossing 10.

3M had a super time with the tennis coach! They held mini matches to practise their rally skills.

3M began designing characters for their animations.

Well done Oliver for winning our design-a-duck competition!

Congratulations Olly on becoming 3M's Star of the Week. Keep up the super work! (12/11/20)

3M held a class discussion arguing for and against hunting, after the main characters from our class novel 'Stig of the Dump' partook in the activity.

Congratulations to Ace for receiving our Star of the Week award. Well done, keep up the super work! (06/11/20)

3M had a fantastic time with Rob the tennis coach!

Well done to Elise for receiving our Star of the Week award. Keep up the fantastic work! (23/10/20)

3M look super scary in their Halloween costumes today!

As part of Black History Month, we worked in pairs to decide whether Muhammed Ali was right to refuse to go to war.

3M enjoyed their Science lesson this afternoon investigating how shadows change when the distance between the light source and object changes.

Well done Connor for his Star of the Week award! (16/10/20)

3M throughly enjoyed their Maths lesson this morning learning about place value.

Congratulations Ruby for receiving 3M's Star of the Week award! Keep up the great work! (9/10/20)

3M have enjoyed their Computing lesson this morning. They have been practising their keyboard skills.

3M enjoyed partaking in role play about 'The Prodigal Son' in RE.

3M have enjoyed learning how to ask what is your name in French.

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