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Welcome to 3Na with Miss Nann!


There are 24 children in 3Na, 15 boys and 9 girls. We are friendly, kind, helpful and are always ready to learn. We try our best at all times and share a positive mindset. We understand that effort is the key to success. Together we make a great team!


This year, we have lots of interesting topics planned! Currently, our topic in Geography is 'The United Kingdom' where we will learn all about the countries that make up The UK, as well as research our own county. In Science, we are learning about food groups and nutrition.




3Na got very competitive during our game of homophone bingo! They used their knowledge from the previous lesson to help them pick out the homophone in the sentence read to them, and see whether it was one of their chosen words. Well done everyone- you all did a super job identifying the correct homophones!

Year 3 have worked really hard in RE this week. We have been learning about the different parables that make up The Old Testament and have answered some thoughtful questions about the messages within them. Everyone had some super reflections and put a lot of consideration into their work- well done!

3Na have enjoyed their Computing lesson today. Independently, they created some code to control two characters using timers building on their learning from last week. We were really impressed with how hard everyone worked- well done Year 3!

3Na loved their PE session today! They have been focusing on their technique on how to throw a shot put. Everyone worked really hard and we had some great throws by the end of the lesson!

Thank you to everyone who came to watch Year 3 and Year 5 perform their Easter Service. The children were fantastic and we hope you all have a lovely Easter.

Year 3 have enjoyed their Easter Egg Hunt this morning. Well done to our winners!

3Na thoroughly enjoyed their Science lesson this afternoon. They investigated the permeability of different soil samples collected from the school playground. They were able to plan the investigation in detail and worked sensibly with the equipment. Good work everyone!

3Na have loved completing their Design and Technology project this half term which was all about kites! They investigated different kite shapes, designed and created their own and then, of course, tested them! The end results where super and the children should be very proud of what they have created!

3Na look fabulous in red for Red Nose Day!

3Na have worked hard today celebrating British Values Day. Everyone was sensible during class discussions and was willing to share some valuable ideas and thoughts which was wonderful! Throughout the day we completed a range of activities that focused on respect, democracy, individual liberty and the rule of law.

3Na took to the stage today, for the first time, to preform their class assembly all about 'The Stone Age'! All the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves. They all spoke clearly and had learnt nearly all of their lines off by heart! We are so proud of each and every one of them! Thank you to all those who came to watch their performance, we really appreciated it.

3Na got creative with poetry today! To celebrate Shrove Tuesday, or Pancake Day, the children where given the task to work in groups to come up with actions to support the poem 'Mix a Pancake' by Christina Rossetti. The end results where brilliant! Super work everyone!

KidSafe sessions officially started in Year 3 today. The children throughly enjoyed the sessions with Mrs Johnston and are looking forward to the upcoming weeks.

3Na enjoyed their library session this week. We began reading our new class novel 'The Firework Maker's Daughter' by Philip Pullman. Everyone read wonderfully and we had some great use of expression too!

3Na looked fabulous in their 'Dress to Express' clothes for Children's Mental Health week!

3Na have thoroughly enjoyed Art week! This term, we learnt about Henri Matisse and created some of our own work artwork inspired by his creations. The finished results were super! Well done everyone!

3Na thoroughly enjoyed their Computing lesson this week! In groups, they used their knowledge from the previous lesson to create a quiz all about using emails safely. They then shared these with the rest of the class. They did a super job answering all the questions!

3Na have thoroughly enjoyed their swimming lessons this half term! Everyone worked hard and we have seen some great improvements. Very well done!

3Na have worked super hard in Maths this week! They have solved a variety of problems using their multiplication and division knowledge. Everyone did a great job at answering some challenging questions!

3Na had a wonderful time during our library session this week. We read our class novel 'The Iron Man' by Ted Hughes. There was some great reading- well done everyone!

Year 3 have enjoyed looking at The UK today in their Geography lesson. They used their map skills to help them find the countries and cities of The UK.

3Na have had a wonderful day getting involved in some Christmas crafts!

Christmas Around the World Day in Miss Nann's classroom saw Year 3 and 4 children complete a Mexican themed activity. The finished pieces are wonderful!

3Na looked very festive today in their Christmas jumpers!

3Na have thoroughly enjoyed their Design and Technology project this week. They created some fantastic 3D Christmas packages! You should all be really proud of your work!

3Na had a super French lesson this week where they learnt the vocabulary for the different parts of the body. Their pronunciation and spelling was very impressive! Well done Year 3!

3Na really enjoyed their History lesson this afternoon! They learnt about Celtic warriors from reading some information and then used this knowledge to draw a warrior with the relevant look, clothes and weapons. We had some super drawings!

3Na looked fabulous in their non-uniform for Children in Need!

Year 3 have had a very special visit from the Rotary Club this morning. They are very lucky and have been given some fantastic illustrated dictionaries by Phil and Patricia.

We had a lovely afternoon in 3Na commemorating Remembrance Day and 100 years of the Royal British Legion. We started off our lesson by discussing what Remembrance Day is, how different people remember and why it is important to so many. We then focused on evacuees from World War 2, thinking about what essential items the children would take with them if they were getting evacuated, before getting creative with our poppy wreaths.

Year 3 had a brilliant day at Tullie House! They explored the museum and got to hold and identify artefacts from the Stone, Bronze and Iron Age. They also participated in a range of activities that tested their knowledge. As a group, we ordered timelines and created cave paintings.

As part of Black History Month, we explored the theme discrimination through learning about the life of Muhammad Ali and what he achieved throughout his lifetime.

3Na have had a super time this week creating 3D pieces based on Van Gough's Starry Night. We are very impressed with the finished products!

3Na their Science lesson where they learnt all about mirrors. They took part in some super fun games to help them understand their new learning! They practised mirror images with a partner, wrote mirror messages and then attempted to walk along a wavy line whilst looking at a mirror overhead.

Year 3 had lots of fun in their Computing lesson. They started to learn about how to use PowerPoint presentation, in particular how to add different fonts, changing the size and colour.

Year 3 had a fabulous afternoon den building!

3Na really enjoyed learning about the different Stone Age tools and weapons in History. They were very intrigued looking at the various artefacts and guessing what they could be using their knowledge.

Year 3 thoroughly enjoyed Mile a Day in the lovely sunshine!

Year 3 thoroughly enjoyed their birthday party today!

3M looked fantastic in their red and white outfits today to support England. They made some predictions for the match tonight and it is clear they believe it is coming home!

3M have had a fantastic time this week creating their own collages based on Henri Matisse's pieces of art. They have all worked super hard to develop their skills and we are very impressed with the final pieces!

3M did fantastic in our mini quiz this morning! We reviewed learning from this week as well as topics from previous lessons.

3M really enjoyed their first lesson with Mr Wright learning about ways to stay healthy.

Year 3 have started a new topic in Maths this week. They are currently learning all about time. Today, they focused on 5 minute intervals building on their knowledge of o'clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to. They are did a super job!

3M have been continuing to develop their dictionary skills in English this week. They used dictionaries to check the meanings of challenging words from our class novel ‘The Firework-Makers Daughter’.

3M had lots of fun in their Computing lesson today. They continued to explore the different uses of PowerPoint, in particular how to make their presentations more interesting with backgrounds and pictures.

3M have throughly enjoyed starting their enterprise project over the past few weeks. They have began to create adverts to promote their product.

3M had a wonderful time dancing and singing at their birthday party!

3M have really enjoyed starting their new topic on Fractions. They used paper plates to begin to identify a whole, halves, quarters and thirds.

Year 3 have throughly enjoyed taking part in a 'Mile a Day' this week.

Year 3 had a fantastic time this morning taking part in the Easter egg hunt. They searched around our school yard looking for the eggs. Well done to our winners in Year 3!

3M thoroughly enjoyed their class birthday party this week! We has so much fun dancing and playing party games!

Year 3 had a fantastic afternoon learning about the ancient and modern Olympics. We took part in a few of our own events and had lots of fun!

3M have really enjoyed painting their mugs from the Crafty Workshop. We had some fantastic designs and we can't wait to see the finished products!

3M have had a super time this week creating 3D pieces based on Van Gough's Starry Night. They have all worked hard to develop their skills, and we are very impressed with the finished products!

3M are loving their Tennis sessions!

3M had a wonderful afternoon at our class party!

3M really enjoyed taking part in role play. The children thought of some questions they would ask Barney about the robbery from our class novel and acted out the interview scenario with the police officer.

3M completed a practical activity using the Base 10 in Maths. They used the equipment to develop their knowledge and understanding of how to 'borrow' to answer a subtraction question that involved crossing 10.

3M had a super time with the tennis coach! They held mini matches to practise their rally skills.

3M began designing characters for their animations.

3M held a class discussion arguing for and against hunting, after the main characters from our class novel 'Stig of the Dump' partook in the activity.

3M had a fantastic time with Rob the tennis coach!

3M look super scary in their Halloween costumes today!

As part of Black History Month, we worked in pairs to decide whether Muhammed Ali was right to refuse to go to war.

3M enjoyed their Science lesson this afternoon investigating how shadows change when the distance between the light source and object changes.

3M throughly enjoyed their Maths lesson this morning learning about place value.

3M have enjoyed their Computing lesson this morning. They have been practising their keyboard skills.

3M enjoyed partaking in role play about 'The Prodigal Son' in RE.

3M have enjoyed learning how to ask what is your name in French.

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