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Welcome to 3Ni with Miss Nicholson and Mrs Newstead!


Welcome to 3Ni! There are 27 children in our class, 16 boys and 11 girls.  3Ni are a friendly, well mannered class who are helpful, hard working and enthusiastic .Everyone enjoys reading our class novels and are positive about achieving 100% in Strive for 5. We are excited  to learn lots of new things in Year 3!




3Ni have enjoyed their library session this morning. 📖

3Ni have enjoyed their PE session this morning. They have been learning how to play hockey.

3Ni have enjoyed their Maths lesson today. They have been learning about money.

Year 3 have enjoyed looking at The UK today in their Geography lesson. They used their map skills to help them find the countries and cities of The UK.

Christmas Around the World Day in Miss Nicholson’s classroom saw some Year 3 and 4 children completing an Israel themed activity.

3Ni look very festive today! 🎅🏼

3Ni have enjoyed their DT sessions this week. We have been looking at packaging and have designed some fantastic Christmas packages. 🎅🏼🎁

3Ni have enjoyed their Mathletics session this morning.

3Ni look fantastic dressed up for Children in Need!

3Ni have enjoyed their gymnastics lesson this morning.

3Ni have enjoyed using multi-link cubes to help them how to share equally in Maths.

Year 3 have had a very special visit from the Rotary Club this morning. They are very lucky and have been given some fantastic illustrated dictionaries by Phil and Patricia. 📖

3Ni made some lovely wreaths for Remembrance Day. 🌷

3Ni have enjoyed their healthy ways sessions with Mr Wright over the last few weeks. They have been learning about how to stay fit and healthy.

3Ni have enjoyed their Science lesson this afternoon. They looked at mirrors and played a variety of games with them

3Ni have enjoyed their Mathletics session this morning.

3N have enjoyed their Maths lesson looking at right angles.

3N have worked hard in their Maths lesson this morning. They have been looking at the 24-hour clock.

3N have enjoyed their first session learning about ways to stay healthy.

3N have enjoyed their Pyjamarama day. In our English lesson, we looked at the book ’The boy, the mole, the fox and the horse’ and they created their own illustrations to go with some mindfulness quotes

3N have enjoyed researching about turtles in our English lesson. They have used the information to create a non-chronological report.

3N have enjoyed starting their enterprise project over the past few weeks. They have been creating adverts.

3N have enjoyed starting their new maths topic on fractions this morning.

3N have really enjoyed painting their Christmas mugs from the Crafty Workshop.

3N have created some fantastic 3D pieces of Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night picture. They have worked on their Art skills and teamwork throughout the week!

3N have enjoyed learning about magnetic and non - magnetic materials in their Science lesson.

3N have really enjoyed their Tennis session with Rob this morning. They practised hitting with their weakest hand and finished off with a mini match. 🎾

3N have really enjoyed their Tennis session with Rob this morning 🎾.

3N looking super scary in their Halloween costumes today!

3N have enjoyed learning all about Muhammad Ali in their Black History lesson.

3N have enjoyed their Maths lesson this morning learning about place value.

3N have enjoyed their computing lesson this morning. They have been practising their keyboard skills.

3N enjoyed learning about reflection. We carried out various activities and games using mirrors.

3N have been working hard and practising their handwriting this morning.

3N have enjoyed their PSHE lesson this afternoon, learning all about different feelings.

3N enjoyed a lesson ordering the events of the Stone Age in chronological order!

3N have enjoyed taking part in a ‘skipathon’ for Sports Relief.

3N have been using their Geography skills to locate volcanoes on a map.

3N have enjoyed learning numbers 1-10 in French.

Still image for this video

3N have been focusing on Aboriginal Art this week. They have produced some fantastic pieces!

Well done to 3N this morning, they performed their healthy eating class assembly with confidence. We are very proud of you all!

3N have enjoyed making sandwiches this afternoon.

3N have enjoyed researching about different religions this afternoon.

3N have worked hard this week, focusing on our special Art topic Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh. They have worked in groups to make a 3D representation of this.

3N have enjoyed investigating about magnetic materials.

3N enjoyed their PE lesson this morning.

3N have enjoyed raising money for Children in Need today.

3N enjoying our Mathletics session this morning.

Year 3 have started their new Science topic today. They will be learning about forces and magnets. Here they are using the pushing force and pulling force on the adventure playground. They recorded their results using a tally chart and a pictogram.

3N have enjoyed learning about Muhammad Ali for Black History Month.

3N enjoyed their PE lesson this morning. They worked in groups to complete a variety of activities.

Years 3 and 5 took part in 'Harvest Festival' Celebrations at St. Paul's Church on Thursday. All children sang beautifully and Year 5 spoke very confidently.

3N have enjoyed learning about mirrors in Science this afternoon. They used the mirrors to write their name and messages to each other.

3N enjoyed their Science investigation this morning. They learned about which material is the most reflective.

3N enjoyed learning about the Stone Age this morning. They held many different artefacts and learned all about how they use to live!

3N: 2018-2019 with Miss Nicholson

3N have been learning about different rivers around the world. They worked in groups to research about one of the rivers and created a poster on it. The children then presented it to the rest of the class on what they have learned.

3N have enjoyed their last two days with Cathy from West Cumbria Rivers Trust. They have been carrying out surveys, creating woodland art and river dipping.

3N enjoyed a visit from Breeze the pony and learned many facts about fell ponies.

3N loved their trip to Walby Farm Park. They got to stoke, feed and brush the animals. Also, they went on a tractor ride where they learned many different facts about the animals.

Thank you to everyone who came to watch 3N’s class assembly. The children did extremely well and we hoped you enjoyed it!

3N enjoyed their D&T afternoon on Friday with Mr Dickinson.

3N enjoyed a visit from Silverband Falconry. The children learnt many facts about the birds of prey, held a barn owl and then sketched a variety of them.

In Science, 3N enjoyed labelling and learning about the different bones in the human body.

3N have started their new class novel this week, 'Charlotte's Web'. They have been thinking about how the characters have been feeling and using quotes to support their answers.
3N really enjoyed their session with the librarian. They listened to many interesting stories and poems.

3N have been creating their own Aboriginal Art.

3N enjoyed investigating about magnetic and non-magnetic materials.
3N have been learning about money this week in Maths.

3N enjoyed using our new Ipads to research Sir Isaac Newton.

3N had a lesson investigating different pull and push forces. They predicted and recorded what happened.

Year 3 have a new topic 'Mighty Metals'. As our WOW lesson 3N enjoyed using the outdoor play equipment to explore how we use forces every day.

3N enjoyed learning their 3 and 4 times tables in a practical maths lesson.

3N were all very energetic this morning showing off their skills in PE.

3N finished their ‘Starry Night’ Art today after learning about Vincent Van Gough.

3N had a great day learning all about the Stone Age, even investigating and dissecting 'Stone Age poo'. A visitor came into school to teach us how people lived in the Stone Age. He brought in weapons, tools and clothes like those that would have been used. We also used paints to create our own cave drawings.

3N had lots of fun learning Yoga in their PE lesson with Miss Nicholson.

3N have been learning and investigating light and reflection in Science.

Workington Rotary Club kindly donated dictionaries which 3N enjoy using in lessons.

3N enjoyed making delicious sandwiches in Food Technology.

3N had fun in PE this week learning new ball skills with Miss Nicholson.

3N enjoyed an exciting Science lesson making edible slime.

3N enjoyed their practical maths lesson investigating place value.