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2018- 2019: 3Q with Mrs Sharkey (formerly Miss Quinton) 

3Q have been learning about different rivers of the world. They worked in groups to design a poster about one of the rivers.

Year 3 were visited by local Author, Helen Haraldsen. Helen also brought a fell pony to school which was the inspiration for one of her books. The children were able to spend time with the pony before they took part in a workshop where Helen expressed her love of reading and how she became an author.

Classroom-based learning and trip to a local river with West Cumbria River Trust

Thank you to everyone who watched 3Q's Class Assembly this morning. The children read confidently and they enjoyed sharing their learning with you all.

3Q enjoyed their day at Walby Farm Park today. They got to feed, stroke and brush some of the animals that live there and also went on a tractor ride! They had excellent manners and asked sensible questions.

We have been designing posters about helping endangered animals.

3Q enjoyed their D&T afternoon with Mr Dickinson today.

We took part in a drama activity today called, 'Conscience Alley'. We used it to look at the dilemma Mr. Arable faces in chapter one of our new class novel, 'Charlotte's Web'.

3Q enjoyed learning about money in Maths.

3Q took part in an investigation to explore the effect of gravity on different weighted objects.

'Starry Night' by Vincent Van Gogh - Group Project

3Q enjoyed making delicious sandwiches in their Food Technology lesson.

3Q enjoyed their investigation in Science. They made thick, stretchy edible slime which tasted delicious!

3Q have been busy. They have created their own acrostic poems describing different types of sweets.

3Q (2017-2018)

We enjoyed our trip to the River Eden last week. We were also able to look around the 'Wonder World' exhibition at Tullie House and make our own litter monsters!

We enjoyed making still life pictures in the style of Matisse

Trip to Walby Farm Park- We enjoyed our trip to Walby Farm Park. We learned some interesting facts about the different types of animals that live there and we were also able to stroke, brush and feed some of the animals.

We were visited by a children’s author called Damian Harvey. Damian read a variety of his stories to us and told us that when we write stories, it is important that we use our imagination- they can be as weird and a wonderful as we like!

We enjoyed joining in with the reading of Damian Harvey's poem

Still image for this video

We learned about equivalent fractions today using different resources and methods.

3Q enjoyed Miss Quinton reading a variety of fables to them in the library. They will be planning and writing their own fables over the next few weeks so this was a perfect introduction to this text type.

Year 3 had some special visitors in the form of birds of prey. They found out what features the birds have to enable them to be efficient predators, drew sketches of the birds and watched a show. This was a fantastic 'WOW' lesson to start our new topic, 'Predator'. Thank you to Richard from Silverband Falconry for an interesting, informative day.

We took part in a fieldwork activity within the school grounds. We had to find different types of rocks, draw sketches and create rock rubbings.

Thank you to everyone who watched 3Q's Class Assembly on Friday. The children enjoyed sharing their learning of their current topic, 'Tremors'. They did an amazing job and spoke confidently.

We have been very busy! There are two new displays in our classroom. A cross-curricular piece of writing titled, 'The Journey of a Fossil' and a collaborative aboriginal art display.

3Q were palaeontologists when they uncovered fossils such as trilobites and ammonites. They named the fossils by using a fact sheet.

We designed and made our own sandwiches in D & T!

We enjoyed writing letters to Sir Isaac Newton. We told him what we have been learning about in our 'Mighty Metals' topic.

We enjoyed learning the French words for different colours. Here we are singing the 'Rainbow Song' in French!

Still image for this video

We have been researching about how different faiths pray in RE

We enjoyed exploring what forces we use when we play. This was a great start to our new topic, 'Mighty Metals' which covers forces and magnets.

Christmas Themed Performance Poetry

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English- Christmas themed Performance Poetry

Science- Light- Reflective Materials

Computing- Designing an Animation

English- Conscience Alley- Should Charlie live in the chocolate factory?

French - Greetings

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Art- Van Gogh's 'Starry Night'

3Q enjoyed taking part in a debate about whether Mr. Wonka should create a new type of chocolate bar. This activity helped them to develop their persuasive language. They are looking forward to writing their persuasive letters to Mr. Wonka in a few weeks time, once they have learned their new writing skills!
Growth Mindset Workshop (25.09.17)
3K with Miss Kinsella (2016-2017)

Atlas Work

Here are 3K using an atlas to locate coastal towns and cities in the U.K


Challenging Maths in 3K!

We love a challenge in 3K! This week we were tasked with ordering a very complex set of fractions. Perseverance was the key and we used fraction blocks to help us. Excellent grappling 3K!


Our Class Debate - Should Animals be Kept in Zoos?

Perfecting our Throwing and Catching Skills!

We are Historians! 

Investigating the Stone Age to the Iron Age


This half term 3K will be investigating the Stone Age to the Iron Age. The children will be examining timelines and making comparisons between these two periods. 

Our Fricton Investigation!

Investigating Global Christianity

Planning and Leading Collective Worship

We Are Historians!

Written or Mental Calculations

Making Bread the Stone Age Way!

Atlas Work

A Visit from Miss Sheila

Science - Plants

We are Programmers!

Our Display - What is Love?

Growth Mindset - Learning to Learn!

Planning and Leading Class Collective Worship

Working collaboratively in English

Global Christianity Day

Our Trip to Tesco

The Life Van




Creating Healthy Food Plates

Collective Worship: Writing Prayers and Visiting the Prayer Area
Do You Like to be Beside the Seaside?
We had a great lesson locating coastal towns and cities using an atlas!

How Does Your Garden Grow?

This half term we are looking at plants. So far, we have examined a flowering plant, gone on a plant hunt in the school garden and have planted our own sunflower seeds. We are really enjoying this topic and are looking forward to learning more about it!

How Does Your Garden Grow?

ERIC-Everyone Reading In Class!!


Here we are enjoying our ERIC session on World Book Day

Tullie House Visit


On Tuesday 2nd February 3K went on an exciting trip to Tullie House Museum, Carlisle. We visited during Tullie House's 'Egyptian Week' and completed lots of super activities, We met an Egyptian farmers wife who told us what it was like living in Ancient Egyptian times, we mummified Tutuntullie and became curious curators whilst examining Egyptian artefacts!


This was a great trip!


Parents, family and friends of children in 3K watched a class assembly about The Egyptians.

Leading Collective Worship

Here at Seaton C of E Junior School, the children regularly get to lead and evaluate acts of worship. The children have complete control over the worship as they choose the music, the prayer and the items on the Worship table.


Here are 3K leading an act of worship. The theme was 'Wisdom'.

Child led Worship - Wisdom

The Snowman


Here is our class acrostic poem on 'The Snowman'

We are using 'The Snowman' by Raymond Briggs as a stimulus to help us create some amazing acrostic poetry!


Here we are ordering the story...

Curious Curators!


Here we are investigating artefacts from the Stone Age.

Earth Rocks!


We're going on a rock hunt!