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Welcome to 4J with Miss Jones and Miss Thompson  

Hello! 4J are a class of 25 children. We are a happy and enthusiastic class who love to be challenged in every lesson! We are full of energy and ready to learn! We are very excited to start our journey as year 4 children. 4J always try their best to 'Strive for 5' and are going for gold in their times tables. 4J, Miss Jones and Miss Thompson are looking forward to a fantastic year!


Maths - 4J used coins to prove statements always, sometimes or never true.

Rugby with Jamie Doran

The Saga of Erik the Viking

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The Saga of Erik the Viking

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The Saga of Erik the Viking

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4J read the blurb for their new class novel in a dramatic way.

4J finished off their experiment to find the most effective way to dry a tea towel today. They found that the tea twoel dries best when it is hung in a warm, airy place.

4J started their new DT project Edible Garden by making pesto and learning more about how herbs can be used to flavour food.

4J acted out The Temptation of Jesus as part of their RE unit.

World Book Day! 4J dressed up and spent the day sharing their favourite books, playing truth or dare and creating new artwork for their favourite book.

4J have continued working towards their first person narrative by creating some fantastic action sentences.

Pancake Day! 4J learnt a poem about pancake day off by heart and then learnt about the reason we celebrate Shrove Tuesday in their RE lesson. Finally, they made their own pancake creation.

4J developed their evasion skills and continued working on their netball skills.

Today is Twosday! 4J learnt all about the significance of this date and had fun practicing a tongue twister and answering a quiz.

4J carried out an experiment to investigate what happens to different materials when they are heated.

Year 4 enjoyed a trip to Seaton St Paul's Church learning about the parable of The Lost Sheep. We discussed the Good Shepard stained glass window with Reverend Grainger and had a wonderful time.

The Good Samaritan: We learnt about the messages behind this important story as well as about what a parable was and how Jesus used them.

4J investigated the best way to measure area and then applied their knowledge to different problems.

4J Used lots of different resources to research different naturally formed visitor attractions in the USA as part of our Geography unit Road Trip USA. They then created posters encouraging people to visit.

The Windmill Farmer. We planned our own version of this emotive story and typed it on laptops.

Direct Speech Kung Fu. We learnt how to punctuate direct speech using Kung Fu moves in order to make sure we punctuated correctly.

Children in Need. We followed along with Joe Wicks and had a great time raising money for this important charity.

Battery Operated Lights. We used our circuit knowledge to help us create Christmas themed decoration lights.

Swimming. We had a great time at our extra swimming sessions this half term. Everybody worked hard and made some fantastic improvements.

Electricity. We experimented with different materials to find an effective material for a switch.

Conscience Alley. We debated whether the council should close a junk yard or not. We took turns as voters to walk down the alley and hear the different opinions of people in order to make our decision.

Hundertwasser. We studied this colourful artist and then used some of his key themes to design our own Hundertwasser inspired buildings.

Tooth Decay Experiment. We used chewing gum to investigate the impact of different food items on the enamel of our teeth.

Getting into Character. We started with a dictionary searching activity before we moved onto investigating a new character for our creative writing. We experimented with how people could move around and how their emotions could be shown through their body language and facial expressions.

The Bayeux Tapestry. We worked in pairs to organise images of the Bayeux Tapestry. We examined the pictures carefully in order to create descriptions of what was happening.

Digestive System. We used post-it notes to label approximately where the different parts of the digestive system are.

Place Value. We used multilink blocks to understand place value and the relationships between different number values.

Riddle Poems. We worked independently to find and solve different riddles in preparation for creating our own.

Battle of Hastings. After learning about the events of this iconic battle we re-enacted it.

Fort Building & Destroying!!!

Experimenting with Sounds

4J have been learning about sound in their Science. They have experimented with different parts of their body to control pitch and volume. They have been learning about different vibrations and how they are created. Here they are blowing raspberries on different parts of their body to find out how different pitches can be created. 

4J used thesauruses to find new and interesting words to enrich their writing. They had an opportunity to magpie different ideas from their classmates. 

4J enjoyed learning about different triangles. They used straws to create the 4 different triangles and investigated the different properties of each type. They used their knowledge to complete different tasks and challenges.

Joe Wicks Extra PE

4J unfortunatel had a very rainy day. After working hard all day they relaxed with a quick Joe Wicks PE lesson. They really enjoyed jumping around and letting off some steam.

Sorting Living Things

4J used their new knowledge of different groups of animals to classify animals into different groups. They classified animals based on characteristics they chose. They used Venn Diagrams to organise their animals and learned how to overlap groups to account for animals that fit in more than one category.

Storm Soundscape

The Viking crew in our class novel does a lot of sailing. They often encounter storms and have to battle waves and wind to get to safety. In order to begin to understand how a storm sounds, 4J were split into groups and given different instruments. They were asked to create a storm with a crescendo. 

4J went on a hunt for different invertebrates around the school grounds. They investigated different habitats and found as many different invertebrates as they could. When they returned to class they used classification keys to identify the animals they had found. 4J took advantage of the fact that it was raining and tried to see if they could get some worms to come up. They had great fun jumpng about in the rain!

In order to learn more about their class novel, 4J took part in a scavenger hunt. They had to find lots of different pieces of information relating to the author, illustrator and back ground of the novel. They learned some new Viking words and some interesting facts about the time priod the novel is set in. 

Enterprise Project - Sweet Mix

4J have had a fantastic time with their Sweet Mix project. They have enjoyed every stage of planning, organising and selling their sweets. A huge thank you to everyone who bought our sweets. 

4J have been lucky enough to get some extra PE. They have enjoyed playing cricket over the last few weeks. They have learnt lots of new skills and improved their old skills. 

4J have been reading a new class novel called 'The Saga of Erik the Viking' by Terry Jones. The main character, Erik, has a choice to make. 4J put themselves in Erik's shoes and created a conscience alley to help them make their own decision. We then read the book to find out what Erik did. 


4J have enjoyed learning about Hundertwasser. They have enjoyed mimicking his style and have created their own collage lollipops to decorate our art wall. 

4J had a fantastic time on an Easter Egg Hunt. They had a great time racing around finding all the hidden eggs. Thank you to Miss Nicholson for organising this!

Mile a Day

4J have been very dedicated with their mile a day. They always put in 100% effort. Today they had a special group of visitors doing the mile with them. Despite the wet conditions, they had great fun running with their superheroes from the kitchen! Well done to Mrs Magill and her team!

How do Islamic Charities Help Others?

4J used their online research skills to find information about different Islamic charities. They learned abut the importance of helping others in the Islamic faith and how they organise support around the world for many different causes. They read news reports about how groups of Muslims came to Cumbria to help with the flood clear up. 

Rhetorical Questions

4J learnt about rhetorical questions today. They matched rhetorical questions with potential answers and then had a go at writing their own. These rhetorical questions are an important part of our independent writing.

The Boy, The Horse, The Mole and The Fox

As part of our Mental Health Day we listened to a reading of The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse by Charlie Mackesy. We talked about the ideas in the story and chose our favourite quote. We used the quote to decorate a page from the book. 

Halves and Quarters

4J worked in pairs to divide a number into halves and quarters. They learned to find fractions of amounts and represent their learning in lots of different ways. 

French Alphabet

4J had a great lesson learning how the French alphabet has different sounds from the English alphabet. They practised the sounds and played a game of hangman in French.

How do Muslims pray?

4J learned about and practised the movements that Muslims complete during prayer. They watched videos and learned about the importance of each step of prayer. 

Red Nose Day

4J had a great time completing Red Nose Day themed activities. There were some great nose designs. 

Finding Fronted Adverbials

4J continued their learning on fronted adverbials. They learned to spot the adverbial in a sentence and then re-wrote the sentence with the adverbial at the beginning. 

4J enjoyed their first lesson learning about and using money. They used coins to help them solve a difficult problem. We worked through all the parts of the problem together as a class.

Key Worker Bubble

Even though we were in lockdown we still had tons of fun completing the home learning tasks. We played lots of sport competitions and enjoyed doing lots of different things. 

4J had a fantastic time preparing for Christmas. They have done lots of fun actvities. They did so many things including crafts from around the world, painting our Christmas mugs and creating a banner. They had a yummy Christmas dinner and enjoyed the Snow Queen pantomime. Thankyou to the Cracty Workshop for the help with the mugs and thank you to the kitchen staff for Christmas Dinner.

Turns in Math

4J learned how to describe turns in Math. They directed their partner around the playground and then created a simple path in their books. They then instructed their partner how to draw their path and checked the answer was accurate.

Life Bus

4J really enjoyed their visit from the Life Bus today. They had lots of fun learning about ourselves and how to be healthy. They loved exploring the inside of the human body and joining in lots of activities.

4J had a brilliant day. They created some fantastic costumes and really enjoyed their party. They followed a potion for a witches brew, testing their understanding of capacity. They found it very interesting that all the brews were different colours!


4J used their rulers to measure the perimeter of the classroom. It took a lot of rulers but we finally managed it! We then did some clever conversions to find out the perimeter of our classroom in metres and kilometres. 

Grammar Work

4J worked with their partners to sort and order different types of nouns. 

Norman Research

4J used their computing skills to label a diagram of a Motte and Bailey Castle and then to find interesting facts about motte and bailey castles in the UK.

The Egg Experiment!

4J placed 4 eggs into different containers and added Coca Cola to one, vinegar to another, tea to another and covered the last in toothpaste. They left them for a week and then examined the results.

The Battle of 4J, 2020

4J learnt about the Battle of Hastings, 1066. They used historical information to guess who would win before finding out the truth. They then learnt about the progress of the battle and re-enacted it.


4J have been learning about time. They have learnt how to tell the time and how to use their knowledge to answer time problems.


4J have been using their paragraphing knowledge to rearrange sentences from a narrative into a sensible order.

Atlas Skills

Design and Technology: Creative Cocktails

Tennis with Coach Rob

Life Centre, Newcastle

Investigating Roman Roads

Children in Need 2019

A Visit from the Dentist!

Collaborative Maths

Scientific Investigation

Character Descriptions - Demon Dentist

Times Table Challenge

Analysing Historical Artefacts - Bayeux Tapestry

4K 2018-19

Welcome to 4K with Miss Kinsella and Mrs Johnston!


Hello! 4K are a class of 35 children, 10 boys and 25 girls. We are a happy and enthusiastic class who love to be challenged in every lesson! We are very excited to start our journey as year 4 children and learn lots of new and exciting things. 4K always try their best to 'Strive for 5' and are going for gold in their times tables. 4K, Miss Kinsella and Mrs Johnston are looking forward to a fantastic year!

Play in a Day - Attack of the Vikings!

Measuring and Comparing Angles

Author Workshop

Science - Sea Monkey Care

Map and Atlas Skills

Reflective RE

Welcome to our Potions Class!

Perfecting our Hockey Skills

Thank You Cards for Emergency Services

Investigating Prime Numbers and Factor Pairs

Shining Circuits!

Tennis with Coach Rob

Vindolanda and The Roman Army Museum

World War One Commemorations at The Beacon

Describing a Roman Battle Scene

Creating Eid Party Invitations in RE

Problem Solving with Perseverance!

Wonderful Writers!

A Visit from the Dentist!

4K 2017-18

Exploring Watercolours in the style of Monet

Class Assembly - Welcome to the Blue Aybss!

WOW Visit to Lakes Aquarium

Perfecting PE Skills!

Atlas Work - Locating Oceans and Continents

Producing Wonderful Writing!

Internet Safety with PCSO Irving

3D Sculptures Inspired by Miro

Matching Fraction and Decimal Equivalents

Atlas and Map Work - European Mountain Ranges

Investigating States of Matter

School Sunday 2018

A Magical Start to our 'Potions' Topic!

Road Safety with PCSO Irving

Buttermere Walk

Our Trip to Vindolanda and the Roman Army Museum

The Digestive System-Live Science!

Designing a Hunderwasser House!

Sorting Facts into Paragraphs

How do Different Drinks Affect Our Teeth?

4Q with Miss Quinton (2016-2017)

WOW- Viking Traders and Raiders Game

Timeline- AD40 - 1066

Roller Coaster Simulator

Magical Potions- Measuring and Following Instructions

States of Matter- Making Rice Krispie Cakes

Testing the Viscosity of Liquids in Science

The History of Potions/ Medicine- Writing Instructions and Making Poultice

4Q Class Assembly Dance

Still image for this video

Roman Army Training from 'Rufus Aelius Viktor'

DADWAVs: Boudica's Revolt

Road Trip USA Day with Cross-Curricular Links to Maths, English, Science and Geography

Playing Along to Native American Music

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Making Dreamcatchers in History/ Art

We made dreamcatchers, inspired by Native American traditions and beliefs.

Powering the headlights on a 'Yellow Cab'

Designing Toys and Completing Algorithms in ICT

The 'Big Quiz'- Fortnightly Learning Review

Experimenting with Simple Circuits in Science

Using Coins to Solve Money Problems in Maths

Planning Diary Entries about 'Visiting' Disney World, Florida

Learning about Resilience and How we Learn During our Learning to Learn Lesson

We made replicas of the human digestive system, including the waste, in Science!

Tu as un animal?

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4Q have been learning the names of different animals in French.


Child-led Collective Worship

Our Christian Value Display in the Hall

Gold Times Table Awards!

Planning and Leading Collective Worship in Class