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Welcome to 4J with Miss Jones and Miss Thompson  

Hello! 4J are a class of 29 children. We are a happy and enthusiastic class who love to be challenged in every lesson! We are very excited to start our journey as year 4 children and learn lots of new and exciting things. 4J always try their best to 'Strive for 5' and are going for gold in their times tables. 4J, Miss Jones and Miss Thompson are looking forward to a fantastic year!

Norman Research

4J used their computing skills to label a diagram of a Motte and Bailey Castle and then to find interesting facts about motte and bailey castles in the UK.

The Egg Experiment!

4J placed 4 eggs into different containers and added Coca Cola to one, vinegar to another, tea to another and covered the last in toothpaste. They left them for a week and then examined the results.

The Battle of 4J, 2020

4J learnt about the Battle of Hastings, 1066. They used historical information to guess who would win before finding out the truth. They then learnt about the progress of the battle and re-enacted it.


4J have been learning about time. They have learnt how to tell the time and how to use their knowledge to answer time problems.


4J have been using their paragraphing knowledge to rearrange sentences from a narrative into a sensible order.

Atlas Skills

Design and Technology: Creative Cocktails

Tennis with Coach Rob

Life Centre, Newcastle

Investigating Roman Roads

Children in Need 2019

A Visit from the Dentist!

Collaborative Maths

Scientific Investigation

Character Descriptions - Demon Dentist

Times Table Challenge

Analysing Historical Artefacts - Bayeux Tapestry

4K 2018-19

Welcome to 4K with Miss Kinsella and Mrs Johnston!


Hello! 4K are a class of 35 children, 10 boys and 25 girls. We are a happy and enthusiastic class who love to be challenged in every lesson! We are very excited to start our journey as year 4 children and learn lots of new and exciting things. 4K always try their best to 'Strive for 5' and are going for gold in their times tables. 4K, Miss Kinsella and Mrs Johnston are looking forward to a fantastic year!

Play in a Day - Attack of the Vikings!

Measuring and Comparing Angles

Author Workshop

Science - Sea Monkey Care

Map and Atlas Skills

Reflective RE

Welcome to our Potions Class!

Perfecting our Hockey Skills

Thank You Cards for Emergency Services

Investigating Prime Numbers and Factor Pairs

Shining Circuits!

Tennis with Coach Rob

Vindolanda and The Roman Army Museum

World War One Commemorations at The Beacon

Describing a Roman Battle Scene

Creating Eid Party Invitations in RE

Problem Solving with Perseverance!

Wonderful Writers!

A Visit from the Dentist!

4K 2017-18

Exploring Watercolours in the style of Monet

Class Assembly - Welcome to the Blue Aybss!

WOW Visit to Lakes Aquarium

Perfecting PE Skills!

Atlas Work - Locating Oceans and Continents

Producing Wonderful Writing!

Internet Safety with PCSO Irving

3D Sculptures Inspired by Miro

Matching Fraction and Decimal Equivalents

Atlas and Map Work - European Mountain Ranges

Investigating States of Matter

School Sunday 2018

A Magical Start to our 'Potions' Topic!

Road Safety with PCSO Irving

Buttermere Walk

Our Trip to Vindolanda and the Roman Army Museum

The Digestive System-Live Science!

Designing a Hunderwasser House!

Sorting Facts into Paragraphs

How do Different Drinks Affect Our Teeth?

4Q with Miss Quinton (2016-2017)

WOW- Viking Traders and Raiders Game

Timeline- AD40 - 1066

Roller Coaster Simulator

Magical Potions- Measuring and Following Instructions

States of Matter- Making Rice Krispie Cakes

Testing the Viscosity of Liquids in Science

The History of Potions/ Medicine- Writing Instructions and Making Poultice

4Q Class Assembly Dance

Still image for this video

Roman Army Training from 'Rufus Aelius Viktor'

DADWAVs: Boudica's Revolt

Road Trip USA Day with Cross-Curricular Links to Maths, English, Science and Geography

Playing Along to Native American Music

Still image for this video

Making Dreamcatchers in History/ Art

We made dreamcatchers, inspired by Native American traditions and beliefs.

Powering the headlights on a 'Yellow Cab'

Designing Toys and Completing Algorithms in ICT

The 'Big Quiz'- Fortnightly Learning Review

Experimenting with Simple Circuits in Science

Using Coins to Solve Money Problems in Maths

Planning Diary Entries about 'Visiting' Disney World, Florida

Learning about Resilience and How we Learn During our Learning to Learn Lesson

We made replicas of the human digestive system, including the waste, in Science!

Tu as un animal?

Still image for this video
4Q have been learning the names of different animals in French.


Child-led Collective Worship

Our Christian Value Display in the Hall

Gold Times Table Awards!

Planning and Leading Collective Worship in Class

Rehearsing for Harvest Festival

Using the School Library

Problem Solving in Maths

Measuring the Amount of Evaporation from Puddles

Contour Lines

During Geography lessons, we have been learning about physical geography.  We have also been using  maps and compasses, and have been identifying some of the different features used on maps. 

Researching Mountain Facts in English

We have been learning about the features of a non-chronological report in English. This lesson focused upon factual language.

Art with Mrs Lee

We have been experimenting with shape and texture in Art lessons.
Previous Year (2015-2016)

Investigating lines of symmetry

We had a great time playing Tag Rugby!

We have been investigating circuits. It was very noisy but lots of fun!

Researching Victorian Workhouses

4QW have enjoyed finding out about British values.

4QW discussing, ‘Are bullies always bad people?’

History: Reenactment of Boudicca's Revolt Against the Romans

Playing the 'Sentence Opener' game in English

Fantastic group work in Maths

Safer Internet Day

4QW enjoying time in the school library.

Excellent group work in Science!

Every Wednesday we learn about an aspect of grammar. We also take part in grammar quizzes. These lessons are really helping us to improve our writing!
Our lessons are always interactive. The picture above was taken while we were learning about fronted adverbials (a key topic in year 4).
Photographs taken during the first term
On Armistice Day, we were very lucky to welcome a member of staff from a local museum who held a remembrance assembly for year 4. We learned a lot of information about why it is important to remember and appreciate past and present soldiers.
This is us demonstrating how air particles vibrate and travel through the air in waves!
This is Miss Quinton demonstrating that sound travels much slower than light!