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Welcome to 5C with Miss Carter and Miss Lewthwaite! 😄

Welcome to 5C! We have 30 happy, enthusiastic and friendly children in our class this year. We are all extremely hard working and we enjoy a challenge! We treat each other with kindness and respect so when the going gets tough we are there for our friends to support them and offer advice. Learning is fun in 5C and we approach all tasks with a smile on our face! 

5C Have Enjoyed Exploring Ordnance Survey Maps of Our Local Area in Geography!

Creating Spreadsheets and Using Formulas in Computing

Looking at the Salaries of a Variety of Jobs in our PSHCE Lesson About Dreams and Goals

Composing Our Own Rhythms in Music

Creating our Own Games in P.E Using a Variety of Equipment

Comparing the sizes of the Earth, Sun and Moon.

Developing a Balanced Argument in English.

We shared lots of interesting ideas in our PSHCE lesson about the rights of children!

5C enjoyed learning about spherical bodies in their Science lesson today!

Welcome to 5C! :)

5C Enjoyed Their Orienteering Session This Week!

Using Four-figure Grid References

Sienna is 5C’s Star of the Week this week.

We have worked hard today during our Science lesson learning about the changes that happen during old age!

We are really enjoying planning our Enterprise project in 5C!

Well done to Ollie who is this week’s Star of the Week!

We have enjoyed using atlases in Geography to locate countries and cities in Europe and North and South America.

5C Have Enjoyed Writing A Passport for a Cave Elf in English.

Well done to Lilly-Mae in 5C who has had a very successful week this week. She has worked very hard in our Maths lessons and has also achieved her Gold Times Table Award!

Well done to Zara for receiving her Headteacher's award!

Investigating Materials in Science

Well done to Abbie in 5C. You received Star of the Week for your excellent writing about the Moon landing!

We looked super scary today for Halloween 👻

We have enjoyed using our new knowledge about co-ordinates to capture aliens in our Maths lesson today.

5C have enjoyed learning about Barrack Obama and Nelson Mandela as part of their Black History afternoon.

5C's Star of the Week this week is JJ. Hannah has also completed her Gold times table award.

5C's Star of the Week this week is Willow! (9th October)

We have enjoyed learning about time in Maths!

5C Enjoyed Learning About the Feudal System in History.

We love completing our times table challenges in 5C

We have been busy learning about spherical bodies in our Science lessons

We enjoyed our PSHCE lesson about children's rights.