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Rocket Launch

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5D 2018-19

5D are a class of 29 children, 5 girls, 24 boys

As a class, we are friendly, kind, helpful, well mannered, focussed, determined and make everyone welcome.

We use a growth Mind-set in every area of our learning and like to be involved in all aspects of school life.

5D experimenting with the force, air resistance.

5D had a wonderful creative time at Workington Academy - working with clay!

Kerry Irving with his amazing dogs Max,Paddy and Harry.

Today we have been planting sunflower seeds.

Today we have been learning how to use a protractor accurately and measuring all types of angles.

5D have been studying the local area of Seaton using maps downloaded from Google Earth.

5D have been working on developing websites in computers.

5D enjoying a great visit to the Kadampa Buddhist Temple in Ulverston.

5D have enjoyed a day learning about the wonderful world of minibeasts.

5D have been re-enacting the crucifixion in RE.

5D have produced some wonderful collage work in art.

This half term 5D have been creating tessellation patterns in Computer Science. Below are some of their creations.

Learning to use models to understand life cycles in Science.

Mummification of a body (tomato) as a WOW lesson at the start of their Pharaoh topic.

The Christmas Nativity involving Year 5 and 3.

Christmas Around TheWorld (Italy). Buon Natale! Happy Christmas!

5D have been learning about Clarice Cliff and have created some clay pots in her style.

5D have been designing art galleries with working pressure pad alarm system.

5D's Assembly on Stargazers-all about space.

Preparations for their assembly on Stargazers.

The class are working hard on their first draft of Overboard, based on their class novel, Kensuke's Kingdom.

Our first topic is 'Stargazers' in which the children will learn about our solar system. They will study the sun, planets, how the earth orbits the sun and the different moon phases. They will create spinners which will help them know which phase the moon is in and What Sir Isaac Newton discovered when an apple dropped from a tree on him.

Measuring our Solar System.

5D with their rockets, ready and waiting for the launch, in their 'WOW' lesson as part of the Stargazing topic.

Today the class have been acting out the earth's movement around the sun and the moon's movement around the earth.

Movement in Our Solar System

5D practising their newly created games in PE.

5D are a class of 30 children,16 girls, 14 boys

As a class, we are friendly, kind, helpful, well mannered, focussed, determined and make everyone welcome.

We use a growth Mind-set in every area of our learning and like to be involved in all aspects of school life.

Scream Machine

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Children enjoying an experiment creating centripetal force. This is the force which uses circular speed to combat the force of gravity.

5D enjoying the Pepsi Max simulator as an introduction to their topic ‘Scream Machine’.

5D at Hawes End.

Comparing the results of the mummification of tomatoes with the tomato that wasn't mummified.

5D building sentences in French around the topic of festivals.

5D enjoying learning new ball skills.

5D enjoying 'Happiness Day', practising meditation and connecting with each other outside.

WOW project. Mummifying tomatoes as an introduction to their Pharaoh's project.

5D enjoying role playing, learning about auxiliary and modal verbs.

5D finishing their work on Rousseau inspired collages.

5D exploring the art of Rousseau. They are creating jungles in paper collage.

5D enjoying a drama session, freeze framing clips from the film 'The Lighthouse'.

5D enjoyed a relaxing and informative time at the Buddhist temple this week.

5D learning about healthy eating and nutrition.

Y5 art work on Clarice Cliff, celebrated in Seaton Library

5D writing about habitats in their mini beast topic.

5D enjoyed an afternoon of food technology. They were creative in producing a tuna lasagne. Well done!

5D have been learning semaphore as part of their coding in computers.

We have been creative in Art this week and painted in the style of Clarice Cliff.

5D creating games by programming in computers.

This half term, we are learning about the 'Terrible Tudors'

5D debating the charges brought by the crown of high treason against Anne Boleyn.

Our class novel is linked to our Tudor topic and is called 'Treason' by Berlie Doherty.

5D had a wonderful day working with Lisa putting on a 'Play In A Day', all about the life of Henry VIII.

5D put on a great show in their assembly this mornining.

Our Creative Curriculum learning  this term is Stargazers- a learning block about our solar system.

Our first WOW of the year was to measure out our solar system to scale on our playing fields.

In groups we worked out mathematically a scale of 1M = 50 Million miles.

5D really enjoyed creating the solar system!

5D enjoying PE in the lovely Autumn sunshine.

5D have enjoyed making moon phase spinners in their creative curriculum lesson.

5D working hard on their challenging complex sentences.

Mr Dickinson and Miss Holliday welcome you to 5D. (2016-2017)

5D learning about centripetal force, the force which keeps you from falling when upside down and travelling in a circular motion.


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Family and friends of 5D enjoyed family feast with the children. Thanks to Mrs Magill and the kitchen staff for a lovely meal.

5D had fun planting their sunflower seeds kindly donated by Seaton Parish Council.

5D enjoyed their maths lesson on solving multi step problems

The Secret Garden is proving a winner already in 5D. It links to this half term's topic Allotment.

This Summer term's topic is Allotment. In this we will be looking at different ways of producing new plants, finding out where our food comes from and much more.

I wonder who will be the green finger members of the class?

Watch out for updates!

5D have been learning about area and perimeter. They enjoyed a practical lesson measuring for a carpet and gripper rods in our class room.

Forgiveness is the value we are looking at this term. 5D planned and led Collective Worship in class.


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The children planned and led class worship.
This is the prayer they wrote about forgiveness.

This half term we are learning about the ancient Egyptians in our project 'Pharaohs'. Our 'WOW' lesson was rein acting the mummification process.We had lots of fun and learnt alot.

In Growth Mindset this week we have been learning about the different parts of the Brain.

Our class worship was all about Perseverance

5D have worked hard in design technology today. They have made art galleries with pressure pad alarms.

5D had a wonderful time at the Buddhist temple

As part of our school values 5D have produced this half term's board. The theme being perseverance.

5D learning about healthy eating with Mr Wright.

Coach Miss B from Workington Gymnastics Club will be supporting talented gymnasts in PE lessons over the next 5 week.

This half term 5D are going to learn all about the creepy crawlies which live around us, in our topic Beast Creator. As a 'WOW' starter, we had Cumbria Wildlife  Trust in to engage us in all that moves in the garden, fields and hedgerows. It was a very fascinating day and we learnt a lot. 5D can't wait to find out more!

Beast Creator, our new topic for the Spring term.

Our Class Novel

5D practising and performing their 'Play In A Day' Good King Henry.

5D working collaboratively using Growth Mindset in class.

5D enjoying setting off their rockets at the end of their topic Stargazers.

5D performing their informative assembly on space called Stargazers. They demonstrated how the Earth moves and how the moon has 8 phases. They showed acting skills when they brought Isaac Newton to life, showing us how he discovered gravity.

5D enjoying exploring how Christianty around the world is celebrated.

Quiet contemplation in the Garden of Peace

5D enjoying the beautiful weather during their PE lesson.

5D praying and having quiet contemplation time in the Garden of Peace

Our first major topic is 'Stargazers' which is looking at our amazing Solar System.

As a part of 'Stargazers' 5D had a practical lesson outside.

5D are starting on their voyage of discovery, learning about our solar system, in their project Stargazers.

5D 2015-16

5D working hard alongside 5J to be safe cyclists, despite the weather.

Welcome to 5D with Mr Dickinson and Miss Holliday.

This year we have a class of  children who work together and encourage each other to be positive. We want to be  the best we can be!

Our classroom is colourful and filled with wonderful displays. The displays show our work and the topics we are covering each term.

All 5D are enthusiastic about learning their times tables with most children striving for  gold.

We are dedicated to reading and have a great record in Striving for 5.


Year 5 at Hawes End

5D had fun writing their own play scripts which they acted out for the rest of the class.

5D planting their sunflower seeds.

5D engrossed in reading the class novel, Kensuke's Kingdom. They love it !

Learning about 'Rule of Law' in 5D as part of British Values Day.

5D enjoying a new grammar game.

Enjoying an afternoon in the library.

5D had a brilliant day at Brockhole, Windermere, learning about how the landscape has shaped and influenced the area. The weather was fantastic, the children were wonderful, overall, a great day!

Collective worship led by the children in 5D.

5D Scientists, making parachutes to test air resistance.

5D Scientists, planning an experiment on gravity.

World Book Day

Using laptops to research for our History and Science.

5D enjoying our PE lesson with Mr Wright

An art lesson with Mrs Lee making an imaginary jungle scene in the style of Henri Rousseau.

5D Concentrating while doing their Hot Write.

Year 5 made the new RE display all about Wisdom.

In Science 5D had a practical lesson learning about the parts of a flower.

5D have been learning how to use fractions in maths.

Art Lesson

Year 5 School Sunday

Family and friends enjoyed watching 5D in their WW2 Assembly.

Play in a Day with Lisa from Lynx Theatre

We are learning about the Solar System, we had a practical lesson outside.