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6D 2020-2021

Welcome to 6D with Mr Dickinson and Mrs McDowell!


6D are a class of 35 children, 25 girls, 10 boys  and Mr Dickinson & Mrs McDowell.

As a class, we are friendly, kind, helpful, well mannered, focussed, determined and make everyone welcome.

We use a Growth Mind-set in every area of our learning and like to be involved in all aspects of school life. We are looking forward to a year of discoveries, challenges and exciting learning, which can prepare us for our new adventures in our senior schools next year.

The following pages will hopefully reflect and give a flavour of our journey.

6D enjoying investigating whether there is any correlation between heart rate and how fast you run.

6D enjoying learning about self esteem in PSHE.

6D enjoying the weather whilst completing the mile a day.

Writing a poem based on quotes from the book, ‘The Boy, the Mole, The Fox and the Horse’.

6D are delighted with their hoodies.

6D have been learning about how to keep a healthy mind in PSHE.

6D learning about how healthy life.

Conscience Alley in English. Dilemma on whether to have a pig’s heart.

6D enjoying karaoke.

6D enjoying making Tomtes, a Mischievous Swedish Christmas Spirit.

6D enjoying searching for various animals and plants then classifying them.

Enjoying singing in our virtual Christmas Service.

6D enjoying learning about ordering operations (BODMAS) in maths.

6D at the start of Children in Need day.

6D working hard on division in maths.

6D learning about the struggle black people have faced overcoming injustices.

6D enjoying comparing and ordering numbers in Maths.

Like 6F, 6D have been looking at injustice in RE. In particular, how much people are paid for various employment. They played a game called ‘Banana Split’, which they had to decide what was a fair wage for each job from banana picker to supermarket.

6D enjoying pitching their Victorian inventions in a ‘Dragon’s Den‘ style format.

The class enjoying PE in the lovely sunshine.

Enjoying learning about apostrophes for possession in English.

The class have enjoyed experiencing a Victorian drill exercise lesson as part of their history lesson.


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5D Enjoying Mummyfying Tomatoes in History

5D Enjoying French

5D Enjoyed Their Visit to the Buddhist Temple in Ulverston.

History & English

Anne Boleyn - Guilty or Not Guilty


In History today 5D enjoyed looking at evidence leading up to the trial of Anne Boleyn. The y had a debate and finally had a vote, which narrowly resulted in not guilty.