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Welcome to 6F with Mrs Fergie, Miss Pritt and Mrs Thompson!


We are a class of 26 unique learners who have had an exciting year including our residential to Manchester (please see Facebook for photos). We strive to use perseverance and our growth mindsets to challenge ourselves. We use our Christian values to help us build friendships and develop teamwork as well as reflect on our actions and the actions of others. This term we will focus on the circulatory system and our changing world.

6F enjoying being engineers, as part of their bridge building lessons in Design Technology.

6F enjoyed reading for pleasure during their library time this morning.

6F used a 'conscience alley' to help them solve Cameron's problem in our class novel: Pig Heart Boy by Malorie Blackman.

6F enjoyed an afternoon in the sunshine practising their cricket skills with Cricket Chris!

6F enjoyed creating stories in Computing with Mrs White.

6F practised their netball skills in the sunshine this morning. Their accuracy is improving every week.

6F led the collective worship this morning on the theme of Truthfulness. They also spent some time writing thoughtful prayers based on the current Ukrainian situation.

6F acted maturely during our British Values day today. We completed activities on democracy, individual liberty, rule of law and respect and tolerance.

6F dressed to impress for World Book Day today and played 'Literary Truth or Dare.' Congratulations to Alice who won our best costume competition, coming dressed as Gangsta Granny.

6F created freeze frames during collective worship this afternoon. These were based on the story of Esau and Jacob.

6F have been creating mental health action plans this week. Mrs Fergie has been very impressed by their maturity and wonderful discussions.

6F’s Contract to Cube It Session Mr Wright and volunteers from Atkins lead the session run by Primary Business Partnership who provided free training and resources. Working in groups, 6F had to buy materials to build simple cubes, fix the cubes together to make simple models, use colours to finish the design and sell the finished designs to afford better materials required to make more valuable products. At the end of the session, the winning group was the team who had managed to make the most money. It’s a great session promoting mathematical and business skills with a healthy mix of competition and collaboration with teams.

6F led our perseverance collective worship this afternoon.

6F presented their findings to the class after researching different groups of indigenous people as part of our Geography unit 'Frozen Kingdom.'

6F practised their dribbling skills in PE this morning.

6F have enjoyed practising singing to different rhythms during their first Music lesson of 2022 with Mr Milner today.

6F have been celebrating difference this morning by designing trophies and writing speeches to congratulate Paralympians.

6F are really enjoying their swimming sessions this week

6F really enjoyed their PE session with Mr Wright this afternoon.

6F are enjoying being all dressed up for Halloween!

6F have been practising their printing skills in the style of William Morris.

6F took part in Victorian Dragons' Den!

6F conducted an experiment looking at voltage.

6F have been enjoying their computing sessions with Mrs White.

Year 6 enjoyed their day with West Cumbria River Trust and National Trust staff who helped them complete river dipping and an Olympic salmon obstacle course.

6F have been drawing electrical circuit diagrams using a range of symbols.

6F 2020 - 2021

6F painted their clay in the style of Gaudi this morning.

Mrs Fergie's Maths group have been creating 3D structures out of marshmallows and spaghetti this morning.

6F used oil, milk, syrup and food colouring to represent different parts of human blood this afternoon.

6F spent some time completing tie dye t-shirt orders for their enterprise project today.

6F learned about some French speaking countries this afternoon.

6F enjoyed their first CycleWise session this morning.

6F spent some time coding in Computing today.

6F took part in a range of activities to learn more about healthy eating this morning.

6F learned about weathering and erosion this afternoon by conducting a range of experiments.

6F enjoyed playing tag rugby in the sunshine this morning.

We are very impressed and proud of the way 6F have returned to school today! Here they are summarising the story of Holes by Louis Sachar so far.

6F have enjoyed the many Christmas crafts this week!

6F enjoyed learning about the science of bubbles and balloons during the online REACT show.

6F began printing inspired by William Morris.

6F used a range of sources and made notes before comparing a WWII 1940's house with a house from 2020.

6F enjoyed joining children from around the country to watch the 'Fantastic Futures and Where to Find Them' Zoom call all about Microsoft and Met Office. We look forward to learning about other careers in medicine, materials, defence and development later this week.

6F enjoyed giving directional instructions in French.

6F enjoyed their first day with the World War II topic. They described The Blitz in English and created their own timelines of key events in History using a range of sources.

6F are taking part in the Workington Academy 'Whodunnit' English virtual event this week and began by writing a letter of praise whilst looking for clues.

In line with World Mental Health Day this month, 6F spent the afternoon considering what we should do about worry. They considered their emotions, behaviours and strategies.

6F have been learning about injustice in RE this half term. This week we looked at pay injustice and how we can help those less fortunate than ourselves.

6F have been enjoying planning and carrying out electrical investigations so far this half term.

6F have been looking at a range of historical sources to find out how Queen Victoria wanted to be portrayed. They also discussed the reliability of the sources that they looked at.

6F enjoyed becoming Victorian children and taking part in a Drill lesson (PE). They then compared their school life to that of a Victorian child.

6F are all ready to start the new school year!


Welcome to 6F with Mrs Fergie and Miss Pritt!


We are a class of 29 hardworking, polite and enthusiastic children. We have a busy year ahead beginning this half term with Cyclewise, Harvest Festival, a trip to Beamish and weekly swimming lessons.


Please do keep coming back to see what we are up to throughout the year! 

6F took part in the Sport Relief skipping challenge this morning.

6F have been researching yellow spotted lizards ready to write their non-chronological reports later this week.

6F started their perimeter, area and volume topic off with an investigation to find different ways of creating certain perimeters or areas.

6F's maths work has focused on algebra for the last week. They have impressed us with their perseverance and ability to work out some very challenging problems. Well done 6F!

6F have started to write their Titanic narratives this morning. Their use of vocabulary and punctuation is very impressive.

6F are choreographing their own dance and movement routines in PE this half term. They are trying to use rhythm and balances to help them tell a story.

6F were visited today by Barnardo's. They took part in the Real Love Rocks sessions which helped them learn about healthy relationships and keeping themselves safe.

6F learned about the Australian bushfires during their comprehension session this morning.

6F have settled back in brilliantly. They wrote some thought-provoking questions and predictions based on our new class novel: Pig Heart Boy by Malorie Blackman.

6F have enjoyed creating William Morris inspired prints this morning.

6F have been using iPads to record and edit a range of reviews, speeches and trailers.

Thank you to everyone who came to watch 6F's World War II assembly this morning!

6F have been completing some designs to enter in our CD cover competition.

6F researched WWII evacuation and produced some fantastic posters. They took time to plan their layouts so that they were eye catching as well as following the evacuation theme.

6F performed their World War II poetry to the rest of the class this morning. They spoke clearly and had great rhythm.

6F had a fantastic afternoon at The Beacon learning all about life in Britain during World War II.

6F enjoying their PE lesson with Mr Wright this afternoon.

6F spent some time editing their Victorian diary entries.

6F had a busy afternoon creating hydraulic arms in Design Technology with Mr Dickinson.

We were visited by HMP Manchester alongside our PCSO today. It was a fun-filled day and the children were reminded how to keep safe in our ever changing world.

We were lucky to have NHS nurses, paramedics and other health staff to visit Year 6 this week.

6F researched different Victorian inventions before taking part in a Victorian version of Dragons' Den.

6F have been investigating how electrical circuits work this afternoon. They made predictions and used buzzers, bulbs and motors to test their scientific ideas.

6F are really enjoying their CycleWise sessions this week.

6F enjoyed our trip to Beamish yesterday. We had a wonderful day which included a trip down the mine, a Victorian lesson and playing fairground games.

6F put key Victorian events in chronological order this afternoon as part of our Revolution topic.

Welcome to 6W with Mrs Ward, Miss Pritt and Mrs Hughes

There are 30 children in 6W this year and each day we learn, laugh and work together to achieve more. Everything we do, we do with a smile on our face and bundles of laughter. We like to make learning fun!


Our classroom is filled with bright and colourful display boards, which we love, full of our wonderful work.  We know we have a big year ahead so we continue to challenge ourselves daily and persevere, even when things get tough. We CAN do it!


This is our last year together at Seaton C of E Junior School and we are sure it will be one of our best!


- 6W smiley

Outdoor Revision of Angles

Cross Curricular Maths

Investigating Shape

Do we have a Vitruvian Man in 6W?

Solving the Mystery of 'Tuesday' by David Wiesner

PE - Gymnastics

WOW - PC Irving Visit

Following our trip to Beamish, we wrote Tripadvisor reviews to let people know what a fantastic place it is to visit. We had a class competition to become a published reviewer and here is the winning review, written by Lucy.

'I visited Beamish Museum with my class and I would highly recommend it (it was great!) One place I would definitely recommend going to is the school, it feels like you're actually in the 1900s! The actors are great, and they actually act as if they were a teacher in that time - cruel and loud - and we could actually write with a nib and ink; it felt soo realistic! 

The next part we went to was the pit village. Firstly we went to look in the houses - they were so small and cramped. And in one of the houses there were 14 people living in it! In the upstairs of the house there was only one room where nine children slept, a cupboard with a bed that flipped out for the grandparents and the main bed in the main room for the parents. Wow - that's a lot of people! 

Although there was a lot of walking, you can take a tram down to town. It felt like I'd stepped back in time when I got there it was really good. I must say the dentist was scary - the tools they used on your teeth. Ew! And the sweet shop, I totally recommend going there too - there are mountains of sweets on every shelf! 

As we visited in December, it was all done out for Christmas. In almost all the houses there were Christmas trees but not with baubles.. they had dried orange pieces on the tree! There was a lot of snow in certain parts of Beamish and Christmas trees and decorations on doors so I would definitely go in December. 

I would certainly go back if I had chance. I would highly recommend it all and there are more places to see, we just didn't have time to see it all and we went for six hours! I'm sure lots of people would like it!' 

Class Assembly - The Museum of Victorian Childhood

We visited The Beacon to see their WW1 exhibition about our local area.

Workington Academy 'Under the Sea' English Day

We are fantastic writers!

History with St. Joseph's High School

6S - 2017/18

Welcome to 6S with Miss Singleton and Mrs Newstead

There are 36 children in 6S and each day we learn, laugh and work together to achieve more. In the mornings, some of us join our friends from 6H to be taught maths and English by Mrs Jackson, but by the afternoon we are all back together to enjoy our fabulous topic work. Everything we do, we do with a smile on our face and bundles of laughter. We like to make learning fun!


Our classroom is filled with bright and colourful display boards, which we love, full of our wonderful work.  We know we have a big year ahead so we continue to challenge ourselves daily and persevere, even when things get tough. We CAN do it!


This is our last year to be together at Seaton C of E Junior School and we are sure it will be one of our best!


- 6S smiley

Abstract Art in the Style of Kandinsky

Wheelchair Basketball

Perfect Pizzas - Food Technology

Gymnastics - Holding Bodyweight

Holding Bodyweight

Still image for this video

More fantastic work!

Still image for this video

Workington Magistrates' Court - Rule of the Law

Visiting Workington Academy for their Science Fiction day

We Made Blood!

We enjoy a challenge in maths. Here are some of our 'I've got it!' moments.

6S - 2016/17

We've completed our SATs!

SPaG Treasure Hunt

Global Christianity Day - Churches Around the World


During our latest lesson we followed the journey of Sparkle the swallow, who discovered many different churches as she migrated from the UK to South Africa. The key message of our learning was that no matter where you are, there is always a safe place to worship God.


We complimented our learning by following Sparkle's journey and calculated using scales exactly how far she had travelled on her journey. As a class we eventually worked out that she had travelled over eight thousand miles!






Year 6 Easter Revision

Perimeter and Area Challenge!

Would blubber help me to stay warm?

Learning About Shape

Jonas Blue ft. Dakota - Fast Car

We've been using this song to practise our comprehension skills. Can you answer the following questions using the lyrics?

Is the singer happy? How do you know?
What is a convenience store? Why do you think the singer wants to leave?
What is the problem with the singer's Dad?

Northern Lights Art - A WOW start to our new topic 'Frozen Kingdom'