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Welcome to 6H with Mrs Heap, Miss Pritt and Miss Wilson.


There are 35 children in class 6H; each and every one of us have our own talents and skills. We come to school with smiles on our faces every day, ready to learn, challenge ourselves and achieve something to be proud of. We learn best when we are having fun together, so our lessons are filled with laughter and teamwork, as well as quiet and focused task time.  


We consider ourselves to be the role models of Seaton St. Paul's C of E Junior School, so we always make sure that we are kind, helpful and polite. If you ever need a friend, you can always be sure to find a caring, smiling face in 6H!


Our final year at junior school has already got off to a fantastic start. We have an important year ahead of us, but we believe in ourselves and are determined to be the best that we can be… we can achieve anything we want to!


Please come back soon to see what we are getting up to in the weeks ahead!


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Working on our clay skills in Art.

Investigating Light and Shadows in Science

Year 6 had a brilliant afternoon at the Jobs in the Community event, finding out about different learning paths and careers that they could take.

6H held a press conference before writing a newspaper report based on the poem 'The Lion and Albert' by Marriott Edgar.

Congratulations to 6H on the completion of their SATs! This week you have shown determination, resilience and put 100% effort in to your assessments- well done!

Responsible First Aiders in 6H learning how to do the Recovery Position in PSHCE.

Year 6 making delicious pizza in Food Technology.

6H really enjoyed taking part in a 30 minute read for World Book Day and sharing their book recommendations with friends.

6H measuring their proportions to see if they compare to Di Vinci's 'Vetruvian Man!'

Bonjour! Je joue...

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A fantastic visit to the Helena Thompson museum to learn about Christmas traditions during the Victorian Era.

We had some very strict Victorian teachers leading drill exercises in 6H this week!

6H had a fantastic visit to local secondary school, Workington Academy, to participate in their 'The Academy Strikes Back' English Day. We really enjoyed being in a secondary school and we've already made new friends!

6H became the blood stream while learning about the Circulatory System in Science! We visited different parts of the body, exchanging oxygen for carbon dioxide and becoming oxygenated or deoxygenated blood!

Progress in Year 6

How do we know we are making progress in Year 6? Here are some of our ideas! Our class councillor took our ideas to his meeting to share with the other school councillors. 

Music to your Ears!

Here are 6H enjoying their music lesson with our specialist teacher,  Mr. Milner.

3D Shapes


6H enjoyed a practical lesson in maths today, where we revised nets and the properties of 3D shapes. Great fun!

Revision Graffiti 


Here we are doing some maths revision graffiti in preparation for our SATs! Look at how much we know!


6H really enjoyed planting sunflowers today, as part of the annual competition arranged by the Parish Council! I wonder if we'll have a winner in our class?



There was a lot of head- scratching in 6H today as the children tried to find ALL of the totals to 100 using ONLY the number 4! Could you do it?

Year 6 Easter Revision Letter
Maths Vocabulary Revision

The Piano

Here are just a few examples of our EXCELLENT writing on the animation, The Piano. We are so proud of the impressive skills, description and emotive vocabulary we have used. 

Sporting Success


Here we are taking part in a P.E lesson on strategy and teamwork with our specialist Sports Coach, Ross. Great fun!

Building our Brains!

Here are some children in 6H building brains as part of our Growth Mindset learning!

Headteacher's Award- Perseverance 

Charlotte was awarded this half term's Headteacher's award for 'Perseverance', for giving 100% effort to her academic and sporting life. She is certainly a 'go- getter' and works so hard to ensure that she is successful. Being such a talented swimmer takes years of dedication and lots of early mornings!

Well done, Charlotte. 


Raising Money for Others

Well done to Joshua in 6H, who has been raising money for JMA (Junior Mission for All). A fantastic achievement to be proud of!

Tullie House

Here we are enjoying our school trip to Tullie House in Carlisle! We spent a whole day enjoying learning about life as a servant in the Victorian Era. We got to dress up and handle real Victorian artefacts!

Child- Led Collective Worship

Safer Internet Day 2017

On Safer Internet Day, 6H discussed some of the feelings they might get when using the internet: positive and negative. We heard a range of scenarios and 'froze', displaying the reaction we might have if we were to have that experience online. 


Here are some examples:

  • Your friend sends you a hilarious meme
  • Someone says something unkind on a photo you upload
  • You accidentally see something scary as you are searching online
  • Someone uploads something embarrassing without your permission
  • You see a photograph of yourself online but you don't know how it got there.


Can you guess which freeze- frame matches which scenario?


We learned what we should do if any of the above scenarios happened to us. If ANYTHING or ANYONE makes us feel uncomfortable online: delete, block and tell an adult!

The Museum of Victorian Childhood

Here we are performing our assembly to show our parents some of our learning about The Victorians! In the Museum of Victorian Childhood, we visited a school, met some 'Street Urchins' and saw the awful working conditions of factories. 

Click the link below to hear the fabulous songs that we included in our assembly!

Measuring Angles

Drawing on the tables was allowed (for one day only!) as 6H measured and calculated missing angles in maths.

6H Victorian Sample Sewing

Year 6 Victorian Drill

Global Christianity 

We celebrated Global Christianity Day in school. We considered how many people around the world celebrate Christianity and the similar and different ways in which they do it. Our classroom display reminds us of how to say 'Our Father' in many different languages!

Magistrates' Court

Class 6H visited Workington Magistrates' Court this week. We asked the Magistrates lots of interesting questions about the Rule of Law. We also took part in a fantastic role play about Cyber Bullying. We had to decide whether the accused was innocent or guilty. Based upon the evidence given, we decided he was guilty! 

Library Time

6H love reading and we love nothing more than curling up in our lovely library with a good book! We always look forward to taking books out of the library and sharing our favourite titles with our friends. 

Squeamish Science!

In Science, 6H followed instructions, measured and worked excellently in teams to make blood! We then learnt about the components that make up blood: red blood cells, white blood cells, plasma and platelets. Can you remember the job of each component, 6H? 

Not for the faint- hearted!

Year 6 began their new topic, 'Blood Heart', today with a hands- on, scientific afternoon of dissecting hearts! We dressed up in gloves and aprons before feeling, squeezing and dissecting hearts. We were able to identify the main parts of the heart, such as arteries, veins, ventricles and atrium. We loved it!

Year 6 Leavers 2016


Goodbye Year 6 Leavers 2016! We wish you all the luck in the world as you move to your new schools. We know you will be super stars!

Visit to Workington Magistrate's Court

To support our learning about British Values and the Rule of Law, Year 6 had a very interesting visit to the Magistrate's Court. We learned lots of new information and asked many mature and thoughtful questions. We had the opportunity to take part in a mock court case about Cyber- Bullying. We got to play the roles of lawyers, solicitors, magistrates, witnesses, victims and the accused. The magistrates commented on how well- behaved and mature our children were. Well done, everybody! 

The Trojan Horse

During our topic of 'Ancient Greece', we listened to the legend of The Trojan Horse, before creating some freeze- frames of important parts of the story. After this, we wrote some excellent diaries from the perspective of The Greeks or The Trojans. 


See if you can guess what is happening in each freeze- frame! 

SATs Week

We are exceptionally proud of our Year 6 children who have this week completed their SATs. They have worked extremely hard all year and approached this challenge with determination and resilience. Well done, Class 6H!



The Day the Crayons Quit

This week, Class 6H read the story 'The Day the Crayons Quit' by Drew Daywalt. The hilarious tale describes the feelings, written in letters, of a pack of colourful crayons. We wrote letters in the style of different coloured crayons, about why we too were going to quit. We are sure you'll agree that we did an AMAZING JOB- even better than the author himself! Have a read of just a few examples of our excellent writing below. 

Have a CRACKING Easter! From Class 6H

Safer Internet Day

As part of Safer Internet Day, we worked in groups to create a 'Diamond Nine', a set of nine rules to make the internet a safer place. We ordered them from most important to least important. 

African Art!

6H have created some amazing African masks in art lessons this half term. They have put a huge amount of effort into designing and creating them. Well done 6H!

Our 'Wisdom' Prayer

Still image for this video
6H planned and delivered their own Collective Worship this week. They chose a special song that reminded them of our theme, 'Wisdom', they considered some interesting questions and drew pictures that represented the word 'Wisdom'. Some boys in our class wrote a brilliant prayer about wisdom. Here it is!

We like to move it, move it!

We are really enjoying our P.E. unit: Boxercise! Each group has choreographed an aerobic warm- up, so we can lead and evaluate each other at the beginning of each lesson. Here we are, working brilliantly in teams to make up our routine:

Fastest Finger First!

We have fantastic comprehension skills in 6H, and recognise that being able to skim and scan a text for key words can help us quickly find answers to comprehension questions. 

This week, we played a game of Fastest Finger First, where we had to speedily skim and scan a text to find the key words in the shortest amount of time. Well done to our winners: Lauren, Harriette and Luke! 

Light the Way!


Class 6H are learning about Light in Science this half term. This week, we used torches and objects to investigate how shadows are formed. With a yellow pencil, we shaded all of the area covered by light and understood that shadows were formed where light was absent. After that, we watched an amazing laser show, which taught us that light travels in straight lines. Great fun! 

Christmas Around the World

On Friday 11th December, Seaton CE Junior School was abuzz with excitement because our Christmas celebrations had begun! 


As a whole school, we celebrated 'Christmas Around the World Day'. Each class moved around the school, where each class teacher taught us all about Christmas in different countries. We got to learn about Spain, the Netherlands, Australia, Finland, China and many more!


In Class 6H, we learnt about Christmas in Italy. We saw photographs of Rome, Pompeii, Venice and Amalfi, before learning about how Italian children spend Christmas. We were interested to find out that an old lady called La Befana, a Christmas witch, comes to the childrens' homes, looking for the Christ Child. 


Watch the video below to see La Befana tell her Christmas story!




6H have been working extremely hard in maths this term. We love a challenge in our class, so we thrive when we work together in teams to solve tricky mathematical problems! 


This problem challenged our thinking around long multiplication. After a lot of head scratching, we managed to find the solution! 


We think the grown- ups should have a go- can you solve the problem?


A 3 digit number is multiplied by a 2 digit number and the calculation is written out as shown below.
Each star like this stands for one digit.

Apart from the zero shown the only digits which occur are 2, 3, 5 and 7. This is sufficient information to complete the whole multiplication.
This is sufficient information to complete the whole multiplication sum.


Good luck!!

Viking Day!


Year 6 were treated to a visit from Bjarni Thorvaldrson, who taught them about life as a Viking. They learnt about the origins of their names, what life was like at home for women and children in the Viking times and even got the chance to stage a battle in the playground with swords and shields. In the afternoon, we had the chance to make homemade butter and play traditional Norse games before a question and answer session. Year 6 had a fantastic day which really brought their topic on 'The Vikings' to life.


Some quotes from the children:

“I really enjoyed the day; it was fun and I learnt a lot. It was an experience I will not forget!”- Jessica 

“Bjarni was absolutely wonderful when he came to our school. I loved holding the swords and having making a shield wall.” 

Division by Chunking

How to divide big numbers using chunking.