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Welcome to 6W with Ms Wills, Mrs Ward and Mrs Wilson


Hello! We are 6W - 24 happy, resilient and hardworking children who love learning and having fun! We have settled into Year 6 brilliantly and have an exciting year ahead of us. This term, our topics are The Victorians, World War II and electricity and we can't wait to see what's in store!


This is our last year together before secondary school - we are sure it is going to be our best! laugh



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Science - Making circuits work!

Teamwork activities - spaghetti and marshmallow structures!

Victorian Drills - Were they worthwhile?!

5W 2020-2021

5W have really enjoyed their French lesson this afternoon. Learning all about presents and festivals. 🇫🇷

5W loved their orienteering session. It was great fun!

5W were very excited for Bikeability. 🚲

5W sketched pictures of themselves and added positive personality traits. Following this, they passed their picture to a friend who added their ideas.

5W have produced excellent news reports based on the short film ‘Road’s End’. In pairs, they produced a script and then filmed their news report.

5W enjoyed completing ‘Mile a Day’.

5W enjoyed researching different places of worship and produced excellent PowerPoint presentations.

5W have been working hard this afternoon, designing a broomstick using ideas from our class novel.

5W enjoyed their visit from the Life Education Bus. We found out lots of important information about our bodies and how we can keep ourselves healthy.

5W have enjoyed painting their Christmas mugs. We are looking forward to seeing them after they have been glazed and fired by Crafty Workshop. 🎄

5W enjoyed working on their strength in PE.

5W have enjoyed working together to find out information about Henry VIII’s life.

5W have enjoyed our Children in Need charity day! The cakes were delicious and we have raised lots of money. Well done!

5W discussed the question - What aspects of people’s culture do you think may cause conflict? They had some excellent ideas.

As part of 5W's work on Black History Month, we looked at the life of Nelson Mandela. We also talked to each other about the changes we would like to see in our country.

5W have enjoyed creating a game using Scratch. They had some fantastic ideas!

5W enjoyed their PE session this morning. They had lots of fun.

5W have been discussing how believers from different religions display humility and trust in their lives.

5W have been busy investigating the 24 hour clock.

5W enjoyed discussing the rights of all children during our PSHCE lesson. The children had some fantastic suggestions.

5W have been working hard to produce an excellent diary entry from our class novel, ‘Kensuke’s Kingdom’.

5HW have enjoyed completing the Sport Relief skipping challenge.

5HW have enjoyed mummifying a tomato as part of our Ancient Egypt topic.

5HW have been very busy creating artwork in the style of Henri Rousseau.

Fantastic efforts from 5HW, who have been learning how to describe other people in French.

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5HW converting an improper fraction into a mixed number using cubes.

5HW had fun carrying out investigations into the human body. An example was: is the total length of someone’s fingers the same as the length of one of their arms?

5HW have been using photographs to investigate places in Egypt.

5HW have enjoyed investigating different places of worship and creating a PowerPoint presentation.

5HW have enjoyed our ‘Christmas Around the World’ day.

5HW investigated different materials to find out which was the best thermal insulator and would keep our lunch boxes the coolest!

5HW enjoyed their Tag Rugby session with a rugby coach.

5HW investigated different sources of evidence to find out about Tudor crime and punishment.

5HW listened well on the Life Van to find out about keeping healthy and making the right choices.

5HW throughly enjoyed ‘Play in a Day’ and the performance was fantastic. It was a great introduction to our topic ‘Off With Her Head’.

5HW enjoyed a practical lesson about using parenthesis in their writing.

5HW enjoyed preparing a science experiment involving rockets to help us find out about the force of gravity.

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Class 5HW engrossed in our fantastic novel, Kensuke's Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo.

In our novel Kensuke’s Kingdom, Micheal and his family plan to sail around the world together. 5HW completed a mind map to show reasons FOR and AGAINST a similar trip.

5HW had fun creating a plague ‘Death Mask’.

5HW used real measurements to create a 'true to scale' version of the Solar System!

5HW enjoyed creating mind maps to show what they had found out about the Black Death.

5W have created some fantastic artwork!

5W enjoying a lesson about air resistance.

5W have been busy completing maths challenges.

Year 5 have been busy preparing for our Summer Show.

5W enjoyed creating a mind map about the sights, sounds and feelings they would experience in a theme park.

5W have been investigating regular and irregular polygons.

5W have been planting sunflower seeds. Who will grow the tallest sunflower?

5W showing excellent resilience while problem solving!

5W had a fantastic afternoon visiting the allotments in Seaton. We found out lots of wonderful facts.

5W are working hard to develop their football and rugby skills.

5W enjoyed exploring their local area using maps.

5W have been working hard on their reports about bearded dragons.

Year 5 had a lovely day at the Manjushri Kadampa Meditation Centre.

5W loved our mini-beast talk by Silverband Falconry!

Shared writing based on the short film ‘Dream Giver’.

5W enjoyed working in small groups to solve different problems involving fractions.

5W created fantastic artwork in the style of Rousseau.

5W would like to thank everyone who came to our class assembly. The children were fantastic!

5W have been investigating the life cycle of a Monarch butterfly.

5W have enjoyed creating repeating patterns using ‘Inkscape’.

5W enjoyed mummifying a tomato as an introduction to our new topic ‘Pharaohs’. We are excited to see what it looks like in two weeks!

5W enjoyed their visit to the Life Van

5W have been looking at the work of Clarice Cliff. We have designed and created a vase in the style of her work.

5W have been working hard solving problems in maths.

5W throughly enjoyed ‘Play in a Day’ and the performance was fantastic. It was a great introduction to our topic ‘Off With Her Head’.

5W had a wonderful 'Spooky Science' afternoon. We created edible slime and dancing ghost. We had lots of fun!

Finding out about Nelson Mandela for Black History Day

Creating a game using Scratch!

Investigating Moon Phases

5W enjoyed investigating the planets in the Solar System!

5M had a fabulous day at Hawse End. We didn't take the iPad canoeing (for obvious reasons!) but the smiles on the children's faces said it all! Here are some of our rock climbing pictures.

5M have enjoyed their French lesson. They have recapped numbers to 30 and have discussed when different festivals take place.

5M enjoyed our 'Happiness Day'. We discussed different ways we can achieve happier living.

We had a relaxing time at Seaton Library. Thank you for having us!

5M have been preparing a fair test to identify the best conditions for growing plants.

We LOVE a good book in 5M! The children enjoying their favourite books for our sponsored 'World Book Day' read.

Learning about health & nutrition as part of 'Health Action Week'.

Thoroughly enjoying some drama! In their groups, the children acted out a scene from our class novel 'Treason'.

We welcomed some extra special visitors as part of our 'Beast Creator' topic.

5M enjoyed being creative in food technology. They produced a tasty tuna lasagne. Well done!

5M enjoying a class game of 'Guess Who' to practise using expanded noun phrases.

5M are enjoying a Science filled week! We have been looking at materials and investigating their different properties.

5M had a fantastic day with Lisa yesterday, rehearsing and performing their 'Play in a Day'. 'Good King Henry' linked nicely with our topic 'Off With Their Heads!' and told the story of Henry VIII's wives.

Thinking about what helps us learn during a 'Jigsaw' lesson.

Revolting Writing! 5M enjoyed describing some spooky Halloween images...they looked the part too!

More Maths fun in 5M

Playing 'less than' and 'greater than' in Maths

Our first topic of the year is 'Stargazers'. The children enjoyed designing and making their own space helmets.

Welcome to 5J with Mrs Jackson, Mrs Lee and Miss Wilson


In 5J we work hard and do our absolute best.  It doesn’t matter what lesson it is – we give 100%.  We especially enjoy computing lessons in which we are actual computer programmers; it doesn’t seem like work at all - it’s fun!  PE lessons with Mr Wright and Music with Mr Milner are brilliant as well.  One of our favourite parts of the day is when we read the class novel,  we all get to follow the text and take turns reading.  This year we have agreed that we are going to make sure that we ‘Strive for 5’ EVERY WEEK.  As well as this, we are ‘Going for Gold!’  as we all want to get our Gold Tables Awards.

It is going to be a GREAT year! 



Settling in to Year 5

Getting our class novel📖

Here we are taking part in the NSPCC sponsored skip. The whole school raised an amazing total of £1,676

In science we learned about gravity and forces.

We worked in groups to make rockets.

Mission accomplished! Fantastic team work!

Blast off !

Our history topic 'Off With Her Head ' focuses on the Tudor period. We all put a lot of effort into our Chronological reports and are very proud of our display.

A super performance by 5J- A Play in a Day.

Parliament Day

For Parliament Day set up a mock parliament in our classroom. We debated our views then held a vote, some of us were not always happy about the out come but it helped us to understand how democracy works and why it is so important.

Spring Term ! Happy New Year !

The classroom is ready for the children's return! We have inspirational new displays for our Science based topic 'Beast Creator' and this half term's mysterious tale 'Skellig'. The children will be reflecting on their achievements over the past year and sharing their hopes and aspirations for 2017.


We have finished Skellig - our class novel - and we have loved it. Here we are watching the film and comparing it to the text.

Look at our amazing Bug Hotel.

As part of our topic, Beast Creator, we are learning about mini-beasts and their habitats.  We designed our Bug Hotel and made it together and we are very proud of it. We will monitor it closely to see which creatures check in.

Cumbria Wildlife Trust


Mr Normington and his colleagues Sian and Isaac came to visit us and and told us all about living things in our environment. We found his presentation fascinating and we really enjoyed field work in our own school grounds. This was a great start to our topic Beast Creator in which we will learn about mini-beasts and their habitats.

Vases in the style of Clarice Cliff

Look at our amazing vases made out of papier mache.

Visit to a Buddhist Temple


5J  had a wonderful day visiting the  Kadampa Buddhist Temple.  We have been studying Buddhism and we impressed the staff at the temple with our subject knowledge as well as with our ability to meditate.  The nun who you can see speaking to us in some of the pictures is called Zogden which means  'Complete One'.

Enjoying Extended Writing


We have enjoyed learning about mini-beasts and here we are writing Non-Chronological Reports about woodlice.


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Casting Spells


Many of us in class love Harry Potter. Here we are with our wands at the ready!



It is 5J's turn to do the Christian Values display in the hall and the theme is FORGIVENESS. We are very proud of it. What do you think?

Our New Topic is PHARAOHS!


Here we are working as a team to create a timeline drawn to scale.  Mrs Jackson wanted us to understand how long ago the Ancient Egyptians lived; we were amazed!

Investigating 3D Shape


Children leading worship in 5J. Our theme is FORGIVENESS.