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We love The Arts here at Seaton Junior School and we are lucky enough to have some very talented teachers who specialise in these subjects! 

Here are some of the fantastic things we have designed, created and evaluated in both art and D & T sessions: 

3Ni have been creating their own kites in our Design and Technology lessons this week! They investigated different kite shapes, planned and then designed their own. They all look wonderful and they should be proud of their creations! ⭐️

Year 5 have made a great start to their DT project ‘Marbulous Structures’. They have spent the morning exploring the structure of freestanding towers.

4C have had a wonderful time this week doing our DT project Edible Garden, one of the highlights was creating a smoothie using different fruits and investigating how strawberries grow. Super work everyone!

4J have enjoyed learning about Joan Miro. They created their own surrealistic design. These were later put together to create 3D models.

3Na have thoroughly enjoyed Art week! This term, we learnt about Henri Matisse and created some of our own work artwork inspired by his creations. The finished results were super!

3Ni have enjoyed learning about Matisse this week. They have created some fantastic pieces in the style of him.

6F William Morris inspired printing

6W - William Morris

6D pop up Christmas cards and William Morris printed wallpaper designs.

3Ni have enjoyed their DT sessions this week. We have been looking at packaging and have designed some fantastic Christmas packages. 🎅🏼🎁

4J have created a Christmas themed box light. They have used lots of different skills in the creation of these marvellous ornaments, from building the circuits to working out how to put together their box.

3Na have thoroughly enjoyed their Design and Technology project this term. They created some fantastic 3D Christmas packages! You should all be really proud of your work!

3Na have had a super time creating 3D pieces based on Van Gough's Starry Night. Their hard work and teamwork skills are certainly reflected in the final pieces they created!

4J created some very colourful house colalges in the style of Hundertwasser.

3Ni have created some fantastic 3D pieces of Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night picture. They have worked on their art skills and teamwork throughout the week.

3N have produced some fantastic collages in the style of Matisse.

4C have really enjoyed recreating art in the style of Hundertwasser this week. They have used a range of techniques to recreate his bold eye catching designs. Great work!

3N have created some fantastic 3D pieces of Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night picture. They have worked on their Art skills and teamwork throughout the week.

As part of our D&T project, 3N enjoyed making sandwiches.

3N have been focusing on Aboriginal Art. They have produced some fantastic pieces!

5D Have Enjoyed Creating Vases Based on Clarice Cliff Art Work.

3N’s final piece inspired by Vincent Van Gogh.

4C's final piece inspired by Joan Miro

4C are enjoying studying the work of Joan Miro during Art Week

Percy Kelly - Local Artist

We had a wonderful visit from Chris Wadsworth, a writer and curator, who came to talk to the Year 6 children about the life of Percy Kelly,  a local artist from Workington.

After a presentation, the children split off into two groups and one group produced work on plates based on one of Percy Kelly's plate designs and the other group produced a watercolour painting and letter based on Percy Kelly's numerous letters/paintings he use to send to friends and family.

The children talking and working with Chris Wadsworth.


Take a look at some of the fantastic work displayed and celebrated around our school...

Year 4 Hundertwasser inspired art work.

3N with their ‘Starry Night’ art work after learning about Vincent Van Gough.

3Q- 'Starry Night' by Vincent Van Gogh

6M finished off the week by completing their 'still life' pieces in the style of Patrick Caulfield.

Year 5 Learning on Clarice Cliff

4C's Hundertwasser Street

Developing Skills-Based Art Teaching At Seaton St Paul's CE Junior School - INSET 2018

Year 5 Clarice Cliff work celebrated in Seaton Library.

Year 6 3D Flower Collages

Year 5 Henri Rousseau Leaf Study

Year 4 sketching in our beautiful school grounds.

Year 5 William Morris Sketching and Relief Printing

Year 6 Art in Action

Getting creative in Art Club

Design and Technology

Year 6 Creating an hydraulic arm.

Year 6 making delicious pizza in Food Technology.

Year 5 Art Galleries with Pressure Pads

Year 6 Hydraulics

Rudolph needs his nose to light up and tail to spin.

Year 3 Healthy Food Packaging

Food Technology- making healthy lasagne.