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Make Sure You Know How To Stay Safe On The Internet

We all love using the Internet at Seaton St Paul's Junior School, but it's very important that we understand how to use it safely. When using the Internet in school, you can locate the Online Safety Rules in the back of your journal. You can also find them displayed in your classroom. Always remember to THINK before you CLICK.

Our Online Safety Rules

How Do I Report Something I Don't Like?

Many children use apps and games daily and it is important that you know how to report something that has upset or worried you. Always make sure you tell an adult first, then you can use the links below to help you report it. 

How Do I Block Something Online I Don't Like?


BBC Own It

This website provides great support to help you take control of your own online life, including help and advice, skills and inspiration on topics such as friendships and bullying, safety and self-esteem.


How Do I Know If Something Is Appropriate For My Age?

Most apps, films, social media sites and games have a minimum age restriction. This is to keep

you safe online and ensures you do not encounter content that is inappropriate. Take a look below at some of the age rating of the most popular apps, sites and games. 

All These Apps, Games and Websites Have a Minimum Age Requirement of 13

All of These Apps, Websites and Games Have a Minimum Age Requirement of 18