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Our Church School

Church School Inspection Report (SIAMS) 2017 - Outstanding in All Areas

Vision Statement

To be a dynamic community of care, built on Christian values, in which everyone
is encouraged, challenged and inspired.


We Believe, We Achieve, We Succeed!

Aims – Our Mission!

Provide an education of the highest quality which prepares today’s children for tomorrow's challenges as lifelong learners

  • Ensure we all develop high standards; academically, socially, physically, and spiritually, within the context of the Christian faith 

  • Promote consideration of others, honesty, and self-discipline in order that we are responsible citizens

  • Celebrate all that we are and all that we can be

Our Christian Values – Chosen by our Children FOR our Children!

Respect, Courage, Perseverance, Trust, Friendship, Forgiveness

Poverty Swap Assembly

We welcomed Helen Faulds from Poverty Swap into assembly this morning to celebrate our link with the Fikir Nursery School in Ethiopia. Their children were thrilled to receive posters and a mosaic of our school emblem, made by the Creative Crew. 

5J's Hall Display - Forgiveness

Year 3 School Sunday 2017

Head Teacher Award - Perseverance

5D's Perseverance Hall Display

NISCU Assembly - The First Christmas



Year 5 Leading Whole School Worship

Well done to these children from year 5 who led a moving assembly today. The theme was 'Remembrance'.

Year 6's Courage Hall Display

Global Christianity Day


The whole school enjoyed a full day of activities exploring Christianity as a global religion.



Year 6 Leading Whole School Worship


These children from year 6 led a wonderful whole school worship. They worked extremely hard to plan an interesting and reflective act of worship. Well done!

The Creative Crew



What do we do?

* We keep our church school special

* We celebrate and remind children about the importance of our Christian values

* We tell governors about our work and ideas

* We help Mrs Dickinson with the School Development Plan

* We help children to know that when you leave school it’s just as important that you leave as a kind person (who cares for and likes to help other people) as a hard worker 

Collective worship

At Seaton St. Paul’s CE Junior School, pupils worship together every day.  On a Monday morning, children gather together for a whole school assembly where the Head Teacher introduces a theme to consider for the week.  This might be a word, such as ‘wisdom’, or ‘respect’, and is introduced through a bible story or a prayer.  Children end their assembly with The Lord’s Prayer.

On a Tuesday and Wednesday morning, pupils worship together in our classrooms.  This time is used to explore themes and ideas in Christianity, as well as in other faiths and cultures.  Children discuss ideas as a class and complete an activity, which is presented in class Collective Worship books. Each half term, the children plan and deliver their own Collective Worship.  Here, they choose their own suitable music, write a prayer and consider the given theme or idea in depth, before presenting their ideas to the class.

On a Thursday, each child participates in musical Collective Worship, where they enjoy singing hymns and reciting a school prayer.

On Friday, the children gather for a celebratory assembly, where pupils are rewarded for positive effort, behaviour and achievements, and gratitude is shown for a positive week of learning in a safe and happy environment.

Every lunchtime, we say a grace before enjoying our meal.  Children recite an ‘End of the Day’ prayer at the end of each school day.

Our Strap Line Competition.

The strapline competition winner, Harvey Pettit receiving a Headteacher award from Mrs Dickinson. His winning entry was 'We Believe, We Achieve, We Succeed!'

Church School Ethos Walk

We are always checking to see if our church school is the best church school it can be!

We have a checklist of things to look out for. Watch these space for our findings and ideas for improvement.

Our New Garden of Peace

After the learning walk the Creative Crew decided that they would like an outside prayer area. They were very excited and wanted to call it The Garden of Peace. The children at Seaton Junior School now have a special quiet, safe place where they can pray outside. The Creative Crew began to make it special by hanging up chimes and writing the school values on the stones. They have lots more ideas to develop this area further in September.

Creating Our Garden of Peace

Developing The Garden of Peace.

Continuing our development of The Garden of Peace, we plaited some ribbons to hang on the tree and planted flowers.

Creative Crew Display

We are creating a new multicultural display for our school.

Class Worship Books

Our Prayer Space

This is what it says in our prayer areas:


Here is our quiet place to pray,

You can come any time, any day,

We look forward to hearing what you have to say,

Prayers comfort and guide us come what may.

Our Multicultural Display

The Creative Crew record a video for their assembly on the Olympics.
The Creative Crew planted crocuses, daffodils, tulips and red and pink roses.

The Creative Crew present their assembly about the Olympics to the whole school.

The Creative Crew enjoy values cookies.

The Creative Crew prepare new activities for the prayer areas.

The Creative Crew design posters for the school prayer competition.

The Creative Crew agreed on what they will look for when they judge the prayer competition.

Our value this half term is courage

We talked about how it takes courage to forgive someone and that Christmas is a good time to forgive. The children wrote the name of someone they have forgiven on a dove and hung it on the tree.

We wrote about why Christmas is important to us on holographic stars. Then we hung them on the tree.

We began making our Peace On Earth Christmas cards with pop up snowflakes.

Paper Chain Prayers.

After the NISCU assembly (The First Christmas) prayers were written for people who may not feel happy at Christmas. We wrote them on paper chains then decorated the Christmas tree.

The Creative Crew judge the prayer competition and decide on the winner.

Thomas Basnett in year 3, receiving his certificate from Mrs Dickinson for winning the school prayer competition. Well done Thomas!

Our value this half term is perseverance.

The children and teachers shared their dreams with each other as we all thought about why it is important to persevere.

The Creative Crew invited one child from each class who had shown tremendous perseverance to a biscuit party. We persevered to spell the word perseverance when decorating our biscuits.

Pupils wrote prayers for children in other countries that Helen Faulds helps through her charity Poverty Swap.

The Creative Crew wrote a letter and designed posters for the children in Ethiopia to congratulate them on their new school.

Inspirational stories

We began threading a pen holder for the prayer tables.

Our Friends In Ethiopia

Life Is Happier When You Forgive

We chose our favourite forgiveness quote from the bible and wrote it on a cross.

Forgiveness Stones

We thought about someone that we need to forgive. To forgive truly from the heart, letting go of feelings of hurt and anger, we dropped a stone into the water as a step of forgiveness.

Our Assembly About Forgiveness

We thought about what makes a good friend and the special qualities they have.

Friendship Cards

Friendship Bracelets

We made a bookmark for a friend we trust.

Church School Inspection Report

Creative Crew September 2017

Sketching and planning, before we make clay ornaments for The Garden of Peace.

PovertySwap Schools Poetry Competition winners.


Congratulations to the winners of PovertySwap Schools Poetry Competition. The children’s winning poems have been published in a book `Beauty for Ashes.’ All donations for this compilation of creative works will be sent to help children in the poorest places in the world. Well done Phoebe Blackwell Yr 4, Reece Sowerby Yr 4, Imogen Smith Yr 5, Sarah Davis Yr 5, Geordie Richardson Yr 6, Danny Cuthell Yr 6, Faith Traverse and Joshua Murphy (now in Yr 7).

Clay Ornaments

The Creative Crew enjoyed making clay ornaments for The Garden of Peace.

Christmas Crackers

The Creative Crew talked about how happy you feel when you give presents to family and friends at Christmas. They made Christmas crackers to give to someone special. 

Painting Our White Base Colour - Clay Ornaments.

Forgiveness Cakes.

 The Creative Crew discussed forgiveness and gave a cake to someone they have forgiven.

Easter Cards and Baskets.

 The Creative Crew enjoy celebrating the most important Christian festival.

Creative Crew 2018/2019

After we meditated, we discussed our ideas.

We Welcomed Our New Memebers With a Party!

We painted our ornaments before a final coat of gloss.

Our Finished Ornaments.

We decorated biscuits for someone in our family and teachers who we appreciate (we also got to eat one ourselves!).

Charity Cake Sale.

 We raised over £300 for PovertySwap by having an own clothes day on Red Nose Day! The Creative Crew also helped to sell cakes which really boosted the final amount raised! Our school is very proud to support this fantastic charitable company which has more than 30 partners across 13 countries. PovertySwap was founded by Helen Faulds (who lives in Cockermouth) in 2010.

Easter Eggs