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Religious Education

Religious Education at Seaton St Paul's CE Junior School


Seaton St Paul’s C of E Junior School is a church school with a Christian ethos that is reflected throughout our whole curriculum. RE is taught in accordance with the Carlisle Diocese scheme of work which places emphasis on an enquiry based approach. Our planning also reflects the fact, that religious traditions in Great Britain are in the main Christian whilst taking into account of teachings and practices of other principal world religions represented in Great Britain.


Our objectives in the teaching of Religious Education are to:

  • develop an awareness of spiritual and moral issues arising in their lives;
  • develop knowledge and understanding of Christianity and other major world religions or value systems commonly held in the UK;
  • develop an understanding of what it means to be committed to a religious tradition;
  • be capable of reflecting on their own experiences, and of developing a personal response to the fundamental questions of life;
  • develop an understanding of religious traditions, and an appreciation of cultural differences in the UK today;
  • develop their investigative and research skills, in order to hold reasoned opinions on religious issues;
  • have respect for other people’s views, and hence to celebrate diversity in society.

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