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Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Education

SMSC development


Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural (SMSC) education is at the heart of every learner’s development at Seaton St. Paul’s CE Junior School.  It involves developing the whole person, ensuring learners are happy, secure, confident and valued so they can achieve their full academic potential.  SMSC development permeates the entire curriculum at our school.

Spiritual development in school allows learners to explore beliefs and experiences.  It allows learners to respect values and to discover themselves and their surrounding world.  It develops their imagination and creativity.

Moral development in school allows learners to recognise right from wrong and to understand the consequences of actions.  It allows learners to investigate moral and ethical issues giving them the opportunity to offer reasoned views.

Social development in school allows learners to use social skills in different contexts.  It encourages learners to work well with others and develops their ability to resolve conflicts.  It allows them to understand how communities work.

Cultural development in school allows learners to appreciate cultural differences.  It allows learners to participate in culture opportunities and to accept, respect and celebrate cultural diversity.  All learners are given the opportunity to develop their SMSC skills both in and out of the classroom.  The strength of SMSC at Seaton St. Paul’s CE Junior School is clearly evident in the school’s ethos and climate, with collaboration, inclusion and respect at the heart of all we do.


Here are some examples of SMSC in action in Seaton St. Paul's C of E Junior School!


Year 4 did an amazing job during their School Sunday at Seaton St Paul's Church yesterday. We talked about our school value Truthfulness which we focus on in Collective Worship. We were extremely proud of them all and admired all their hard work learning their lines. Very well done and thank you to the church for allowing us the opportunity to share our learning.

4C have had a wonderful time celebrating British Values Day. We learnt about democracy, tolerance and respect, individual liberty and the rule of law exploring why they are important. Everyone shared valuable ideas and thoughts throughout our discussions which was brilliant! Very well done everyone!

6F acted maturely during our British Values day today. We completed activities on democracy, individual liberty, rule of law and respect and tolerance.

3Na have worked hard today celebrating British Values Day. Everyone was sensible during class discussions and was willing to share some valuable ideas and thoughts which was wonderful! Throughout the day we completed a range of activities that focused on respect, democracy, individual liberty and the rule of law.

We’ve had a busy day in 5C celebrating British Values Day. We started off the morning by exploring the value of respect, which is also one of our Christian values. Then, we spoke about what it means to demonstrate tolerance and we had some very mature conversations about challenging stereotypes. This afternoon we spoke about the importance of democracy and wrote our own manifestos. We have considered the impact of rules and laws in our society and discussed what it might be like without them. Finally, we finished the afternoon by learning about individual liberty, where we were able to choose our own activity!

4J have been working hard learning about British Values. They have learnt the importance of democracy, individual liberty, respect and tolerance and the rule of law in helping us to live together as a happy society.

3Ni have been learning all about British Values today. We looked at respect, who we respect and how we show this. They looked at the British laws and what would happen if we didn’t have any. Also, they looked at democracy and what that means. 3Ni have all worked brilliantly and have enjoyed the day

4C enjoyed a lovely afternoon eating pancakes on Shrove Tuesday, we talked about why pancakes were eaten traditionally and why Ash Wednesday is an important day in the Christian calendar.

3Na enjoyed their library session this week. We began reading our new class novel 'The Firework Maker's Daughter' by Philip Pullman. Everyone read wonderfully and we had some great use of expression too!

4C explored how they have grown emotionally and how they can support and help others grow too. They created a wonderful thoughtful acrostic poem to share their thoughts and ideas. Well done everyone!

Growing Together Acrostic Poem

Still image for this video

Growing Together Acrostic Poem

Still image for this video

Mrs Wills led our Children's Mental Health Week assembly this morning.

6F have been creating mental health action plans this week. Mrs Fergie has been very impressed by their maturity and wonderful discussions.

6F’s Contract to Cube It Session Mr Wright and volunteers from Atkins lead the session run by Primary Business Partnership who provided free training and resources. Working in groups, 6F had to buy materials to build simple cubes, fix the cubes together to make simple models, use colours to finish the design and sell the finished designs to afford better materials required to make more valuable products. At the end of the session, the winning group was the team who had managed to make the most money. It’s a great session promoting mathematical and business skills with a healthy mix of competition and collaboration with teams.

3Ni enjoyed their library session today. We read our class novel ‘The Iron Man’ by Ted Hughes.

During Christmas Around the World day in 4C we visited Norway, we had a wonderful time learning about Norwegian traditions.

Christmas Around the World Day with Mr Dickinson and Mrs McDowell in 6D.

Christmas Around the World Day 2021 - Israel with Miss Nicholson.

Christmas Around the World Day 2021 - Spain with Mrs Fergie

Christmas Around the World Day 2021 - Austria with Miss Jones