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Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Education

SMSC development


Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural (SMSC) education is at the heart of every learner’s development at Seaton St. Paul’s CE Junior School.  It involves developing the whole person, ensuring learners are happy, secure, confident and valued so they can achieve their full academic potential.  SMSC development permeates the entire curriculum at our school.

Spiritual development in school allows learners to explore beliefs and experiences.  It allows learners to respect values and to discover themselves and their surrounding world.  It develops their imagination and creativity.

Moral development in school allows learners to recognise right from wrong and to understand the consequences of actions.  It allows learners to investigate moral and ethical issues giving them the opportunity to offer reasoned views.

Social development in school allows learners to use social skills in different contexts.  It encourages learners to work well with others and develops their ability to resolve conflicts.  It allows them to understand how communities work.

Cultural development in school allows learners to appreciate cultural differences.  It allows learners to participate in culture opportunities and to accept, respect and celebrate cultural diversity.  All learners are given the opportunity to develop their SMSC skills both in and out of the classroom.  The strength of SMSC at Seaton St. Paul’s CE Junior School is clearly evident in the school’s ethos and climate, with collaboration, inclusion and respect at the heart of all we do.


Here are some examples of SMSC in action in Seaton St. Paul's C of E Junior School!


During Christmas Around the World day in 4C we visited Norway, we had a wonderful time learning about Norwegian traditions.

Christmas Around the World Day with Mr Dickinson and Mrs McDowell in 6D.

Christmas Around the World Day 2021 - Israel with Miss Nicholson.

Christmas Around the World Day 2021 - Spain with Mrs Fergie

Christmas Around the World Day 2021 - Austria with Miss Jones

We had a visitor from Tullie House Museum who gave us a brilliant assembly on Chinese New Year traditions.

A Visit from Imran

Our children thoroughly enjoyed meeting Imran, who came into our school to teach us more about The Five Pillars of Islam and the daily life of a Muslim person. We were fascinated to learn about Ramadan and fasting, and loved seeing photographs of the mosque that Imran attends, which can hold 3000 people!

Thank you Imran for such an interesting visit. 

Our Friends in Ethiopia

We had a visit from Helen, who has special links with Deborah Kindergarten in Ethiopia. Our school raised funds to help complete the new build and provide children there with a wonderful education. The children at the kindergarten sent us this lovely plaque to say thanks, which is now displayed in our hall! 

We feel very lucky to have friends in Ethiopia!

A visit from the NSPCC to teach us how to keep healthy, happy and safe

Celebrating diversity is at the heart of our school. Here is a lovely display that reminds us of the richness of communities.

Planting Our Garden of Peace

One of our values at Seaton Junior School is Forgiveness. 5J created a lovely display in the hall!

Buddhist Temple Visit

Our Year 5 children had an awe- inspiring day when they visited the Manjushri Kadampa Buddhist temple in Ulverston. We have been studying Buddhism and we impressed the staff at the temple with our subject knowledge as well as with our ability to meditate.  The nun who you can see speaking to us in some of the pictures is called Zogden which means  'Complete One'.

E- Safety for Parents Workshop

Christmas around the World

We spent a whole day learning how other countries and cultures celebrate Christmas! It was so interesting to see how children in the Netherlands, Africa, Spain, Italy and even Mexico celebrate Christmas and it really got us in the festive mood!

Merry Christmas!

Seaton Citizens- MacMillan Coffee Afternoon

Learning about different faiths through Art

Year 5 Circle Time during their 'Celebrating Me' sessions.

Year 5 enjoying some calm time in our Garden of Peace.