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Here at Seaton St. Paul's CE Junior School we follow a creative and immersive Curriculum. Each term our learning is based on themes and each theme begins with a memorable 'WOW!' activity to engage us, inspire us and create awe around our learning. As you can see from our smiling faces in the photographs below, we LOVE these activities and events- they make us really excited about our new theme and always leave us wanting to learn more! 

Here are some examples of 'WOW' activities and events at our school...




It has been wonderful to see what Year 6 got up to during their World War II WOW afternoon as part of their home learning last week.

Year 4 have produced some lovely pieces of work on the Vikings during our WOW activity afternoon. They created shields. longboats and even coded messages into the runic alphabet. Fantastic work everyone!

Year 3 produced some fantastic work during their remote learning WOW activities about Ancient Greece.

Year 5's WOW Activites About Ancient Egypt During Remote Learning

A visit from Kerry Irving and his amazing dogs Max and Paddy plus Harry.

Year 4 enjoyed creating potions during their WOW lesson.

Year 6 enjoyed a visit from PC Irving connected to our 'ID' topic.

The children in 3F enjoyed using the outdoor play equipment to explore forces that we use every day. They then came back inside and created freeze frames in pairs which showed either push or pull forces or both. It was a great start to their new topic!

Year 6 enjoyed travelling back in time on a trip to Beamish. It really brought our Victorian topic to life.

3F enjoyed having a Stone Age visitor come and introduce our new Tribal Tales topic to us. We created cave paintings and learned all about what life was like.

As an introduction to ‘Stargazers’ our space topic, children designed, made and launched rockets!

Year 3 designed their own chocolate bars for their new topic, 'Scrumdiddlyumptious'.

6M enjoyed a visit from Red Watch earlier in the week for 'Heart Start' training. This was very relevant to our current topic and also helped the children to know what to do in an emergency situation. Thank you Cumbria Fire & Rescue Service.

WOW! A Visit from the Dentist!

Year 4 enjoyed their Viking Play in a Day to start off their new topic Traders and Raiders.

Year 5 welcomed some extra special visitors as part of our 'Beast Creator' topic.

Year 3 enjoyed exploring what forces they use when they play. This was a great start to their new topic, 'Mighty Metals' which covers forces and magnets.

Year 4 had an amazing time at the Roman Army Museum and Vindolanda Fort!

5M had a fantastic day with Lisa yesterday, rehearsing and performing their 'Play in a Day'. 'Good King Henry' linked nicely with our topic 'Off With Their Heads!' and told the story of Henry VIII's wives.

3Q enjoyed their trip to Tullie House. They learned lots of information about Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age Britain.

3C really enjoyed our trip to Tullie House on Friday. We learned lots about prehistory and it was a great start to our Tribal Tales topic.

3Q enjoyed their 'Spooky Science' themed afternoon. They took part in some experiments and learned about the Science involved.

5D had a wonderful day working with Lisa putting on a 'Play In A Day', all about the life of Henry VIII.

5D WOW assembly on their topic Stargazers.

5M loved being astronauts for the day and 'landing on the moon.'

Year 5 Measuring Out The Solar System.

'Burps, Bottoms and Bile': Year 4's Dentist Visit

'Blood Heart': Year 6 dissecting Pigs' Hearts

'Road Trip USA!': Year 4 on board a flight to America

'Scrumdiddlyumptious!': Year 3 Tesco Food Visit

'Bottoms, Burps and Bile': Year 4 recreating the Digestive System!

'Scream Machine!': Year 5 experiencing a Rollercoaster Simulator

'Predator!': Year 3 Silverband Falconry Experience

'I am Warrior!': Year 4 had a visit from a Roman Soldier!

'Stargazers': Year 5 recreating the universe (to scale!)

'Frozen Kingdom': Year 6 Creating the Northern Lights

'Tribal Tales': Year 3 making Stone Age bread

'Revolution': Year 6 sewing Victorian Samplers

Year 5 Enjoying a wow experience when SIlverband Falconry shared their creatures for their 'Beast Creator' topic.