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Governors' section

Our Governors

Name   Date of Appointment Term of Office
Revd. I Grainger (Chair) C of E Foundation 03 September 2002 N/A
Mrs Lynn Carini Headteacher  N/A N/A
Mrs Kathleen Jones C of E Foundation  05 March 2020 4 Years
Mrs Susan Shepherd Co-opted Governor 18 September 2020 4 Years
Mrs Debbie Basnett Co-opted Governor 24 April 2022 4 Years
Mr Craig Branney Parent Governor 12 October 2021 4 Years 
Mrs Susan Grimley Parent Governor 27 June 2022  4 Years
Miss Angela Quirk LA Governor  20 June 2022 4 Years 
Miss Robyn Carter  Staff Governor 26th September 2022 4 Years 
Mrs Kelly Holliday  Parent Governor  1st October 2022  4 Years 
Mrs Gillian Fletcher  Clerk to Governors N/A N/A

Governor Committee Membership 2022/23


Premises, Finance, Personnel


Curriculum, Inclusion, Community

Revd. I Grainger (Chair)  Mrs K Jones (Chair) 
Mrs S Shepherd  Mrs D Basnett
Mr C Branney  Miss A Quirk
Mrs K Holliday  Mrs S Grimley 
Mrs L Carini  Miss R Carter 
  Mrs L Carini

 Class Governors 

3Na Mrs S Grimley
3Ni Miss A Quirk
4C Mrs K Jones 
4D Mr C Branney
5H Mrs S Shepherd 
5J Revd. I Grainger 
6C Mrs D Basnett 
6M Mrs K Holliday 

Governor Register of Business Interests/ Financial Interests

This is a point on the agenda at the beginning of each full governing body meeting where governors are invited to register any business/ financial interests appertaining to the school.  







roles in other schools. 

Family members

in school 

Revd. I Grainger (Chair)        
Mrs Kathleen Jones        
Mrs Susan Shepherd         
Mrs Debbie Basnett        
Mr Craig Branney        
Mrs Susan Grimley        
Miss Angela Quirk         
Mrs Kelly Holliday         
Miss Robyn Carter         

Governing Body Minutes and Policies

Ratified Governing Body Minutes and Governor Policies are available to view, on the school premises, upon request. 

Individual Governor Committee Attendance

Academic Year 2022/23      
Governor Name Full Governor Board Meeting PFP: Premises, Finance, Personal CIC: Curriculum, Inclusion, Community
Revd. Ian Grainger 1/1 1/1  
Mrs Kathleen Jones  1/1   1/1
Headteacher 1/1 1/1 1/1
Mrs Susan Shepherd 1/1 1/1  
Mrs Debbie Basnett 0/1   0/1

Mr Craig Branney 

1/1 1/1  
Mrs Angela Quirk 1/1   1/1
Mrs Susan Grimley 1/1   0/1
Mrs Kelly Holliday 0/1 0/1 1/1
Miss Robyn Carter  1/1   1/1


Academic Year 2021/22      
Governor Name Full Governor Board Meeting PFP: Premises, Finance, Personal CIC: Curriculum, Inclusion, Community
Revd. Ian Grainger 4/5 3/3  
Mrs Kathleen Jones  5/5   3/3
Headteacher 0/4 0/2 0/2
Mrs Susan Shepherd 5/5 3/3  
Mrs Debbie Basnett 3/5   3/3
Miss Louise Bainbridge  5/5 1/3  

Mr Craig Branney 

5/5 3/3  
Mrs Katharine Hughes  5/5   2/3

Mrs Lisa Johnston resigned Jan 2022

2/3   1/1
Acting Headteacher 4/5 3/3 2/3
Mrs Kerry-Jo Melville - resigned 3.12.21 1/1   1/1