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Who's Who

Here are the staff at our school!

Headteacher: Mrs L Carini

Assistant Headteachers: Mrs C McGlasson & Mrs K Hughes

Class Teachers:

Miss E Nann                                          3Na

Miss A Nicholson                                 3Ni

Mr A Short                                             4D

Miss B Crellin                                         4C

Mr D Bromley                                        5H

Miss K Jones                                           5J

Miss R Carter                                         6C

Mrs C McGlasson                                  6M

Mrs L Fergie (Mat leave)                                         

Mrs A Ward  (Mat Leave)   

Mrs K Hughes (Mat Leave)            

Specialist Teachers

Mrs A White (Special Needs Leader/Inclusion Lead)

Mr M Milner (Music Specialist)

Mr C Wright (Sports Specialist)

Cleaner in Charge/ Site Manager:

Mrs T Dodd


Cleaner & Crossing Patrol:

Mr E Dodd



Senior Teaching Assistants:

Mrs L Johnston

Miss L Pritt

Mrs A Newstead

Mrs A McKendrey

Mrs T McDowell

Mrs L Wilson

Mrs L Carter

Mrs L Hill

Mrs L Thompson 






Kitchen Team Leader:

Mrs J Magill


Kitchen Team Members:

Mrs J Gale

Mrs C Poole 

School Business Manager

Mrs H McCarthy

Administration Assistant

Mrs G Humes

Mid-day Supervisors:

Miss L Pritt

Mrs A McKendrey

Mrs A Newstead

Mrs T McDowell

Mrs H Wallace 

Miss L Rule