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Children Entering Year 3 with Exceptional Ability

An Example of Our YEAR 3 ON ENTRY DATA




In the summer term before they start, the children visit us to enable us to get to really know them and their potential.

In Autumn,  after settling the children in, they are assessed so that we have a true and accurate starting point from which we measure their progress throughout the Junior School. We call these assessments (at the start of Year 3)  'Baseline Assessments'.


As a Junior School we are able to influence teaching and learning for 4 years (from Y3 to Y6),


Our Baseline Assessments are validated by an external source every year, Parents are invited to discuss results with the class teacher.


OFSTED praise the accuracy of Seaton St Paul's Junior School's Baseline Assessments:


"Pupils are rigorously tested when they enter the school in Year 3. Results of these tests have been scrutinised by representatives of the local authority and an independent consultant who confirm their accuracy"

Ofsted 2015


" Accurate assessments of attainment in Year 3"

Ofsted 2012



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