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Geography at Seaton St Paul's C of E Junior School

At Seaton St Paul’s C of E Junior School, we love our Geography lessons! Geography teaching in our school focuses on enabling children to gain knowledge and an understanding of places in the world. During our lessons, children are given the opportunity to develop their Geography skills by: collecting and analysing a range of data, interpreting a range of sources of geographical information and communicating geographical information in a variety of ways. We believe it is important for our children to learn about their locality and the wider world around them!



3Ni have been working hard on their Geography topic this morning. They have been using ordnance survey maps to help them locate places using four - figure grid references.

5C Enjoyed Exploring Ordnance Survey Maps Of Our Local Area!

6W researched the Indigenous people of the Arctic and presented their findings.

5H enjoyed using an atlas to investigate Eastern European countries.

5C Enjoyed Exploring the Human and Physical Geography of Regions of Eastern Europe in Their Geography Lessons and Creating Posters.

6D debating ways in which they could help reduce global warming as part of their Frozen Kingdoms geography unit.

4J used different resources to find out about the Iroquois tribe. They focussed on how the Geography of their tribal area influenced the way in which they lived.

4C had a great time researching how different human and physical geographical features were created in the US. Super work everyone!

Year 3 have enjoyed looking at The UK today in their Geography lesson. They used their map skills to help them find the countries and cities of The UK.

6F presented their findings to the class after researching different groups of indigenous people as part of our 'Frozen Kingdom' unit.

4J In The Tropics

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4J have been learning about different climates around the world. During this lesson they learned about temperatures and rainfall in different tropical climates.

4C have used their weather knowledge to create reports about tropical grasslands.

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5W used their fantastic map reading skills during an orienteering session. It was great fun!

Year 5 Enjoyed Using Their Map Skills in a Real Life Situation Today During Their Orienteering Session

5C have enjoyed locating symbols using a key on an ordnance survey map.

5C have enjoyed using simple co-ordinates in atlases to locate countries and cities in Europe and North and South America.

6F learned about weathering and erosion this afternoon by conducting a range of experiments.