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Now more than ever, we believe that the personal, social, health and citizenship education of our children is paramount. Despite us having included this as an integral part of our curriculum for many years, this year it becomes statutory which we believe is right. We use the Jigsaw scheme to help us teach this very important subject in an age appropriate way. Please read the documents below to see coverage.

There has been no change in the right to withdraw your child from sex education. The health, relationships and science aspects of this are statutory and therefore, have to be taught. If parents or carers feel that their child should not take part in the remaining areas of sex education, they can contact the school office to find out how to withdraw or for more information. Parents and carers will be given more information closer to the summer term so that they can make an informed decision.

We spend one half term on each of the six topics:

Term 1A: Being Me in My World

Term 1B: Celebrating Difference

Term 2A: Dreams and Goals

Term 2B: Healthy Me

Term 3A: Relationships

Term 3B: Changing Me

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