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History at Seaton St. Paul's C of E Junior School


At Seaton St Paul’s C of E Junior School, we love History! History teaching in our school focuses on enabling children to think as historians whilst engaging in a wide variety of experiences to enhance their learning. During our lessons, children have the opportunity to use a range of artefacts and sources, visit sites of historical significance and invite visitors into school. We believe it is important for children to understand how events in the past have influenced our lives today; they also learn how to investigate past events and, by doing so, we develop important skills of enquiry, analysis, evaluation and interpretation.

6F handled a range of World War II artefacts as well as going inside an Anderson shelter and exploring the many exhibitions at The Beacon.

4C had a fascinating time investigating the archeological site at Vindolanda, learning about the fort and how the Romans changed Britain. We enjoyed looking at the different artefacts in the Roman Army Museum and interpreting what they would have been used for.

5C Had a Great Afternoon Exploring a Range of Replica Ancient Egyptian Artefacts

Remembrance Day School Sunday Service

Remembrance Day Commemorations 2021

We have had a lovely afternoon commemorating Remembrance day and 100 years of the Royal British Legion.

We have explored the many different ways that people choose to remember and honour the memory of the fallen.

Our children asked lots of fantastic questions and shared many mature responses during class discussions. Here are some pictures of our Remembrance activities across school.

Year 3 had a brilliant day at Tullie House! They explored the museum and got to hold and identify artefacts from the Stone, Bronze and Iron Age. They also participated in a range of activities that tested their knowledge. As a group, we ordered timelines and created cave paintings.

Year 5 Enjoyed Their Black History Afternoon Exploring Nelson Mandela and Barrack Obama. We Compared and Contrasted the Difficulties They Have Faced During Their Careers in Politics.

3Ni enjoyed a lesson ordering the events of the Stone Age in chronological order.

6F took part in a Victorian Drill PE lesson

3Na really enjoyed learning about the different Stone Age tools and weapons. They were really intrigued looking at the various artefacts and guessing what they could be using their knowledge.

6F took part in a Victorian inventions Dragons' Den!

4C had a great afternoon learning about the 1066 Battle of Hastings and how the fight for the kingdom took place. We reenacted the battle and had two brave volunteers lead the Norman and Anglo Saxon armies.

4C had a thrilling morning as historians analysing the Battle of Ashdown. We explored the battle and how the Saxons strategically attacked the unprepared Vikings earlier than they expected. We then interpreted the Battle of Ashdown and acted out the historical account

4C enjoyed learning about the Romans in Cumbria, we mapped the road from Maryport to Papcastle, explored what they left behind and what the Romans have done for us.

4C have enjoyed learning about Boudicca and using a range of sources to create a timeline. In English we have written a Boudicca speech using persuasive language to encourage the Iceni into war with the Romans.

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6F used a range of sources and made notes before comparing a WWII 1940's house with a house from 2020.

6F enjoyed their first day with the World War II topic. They described The Blitz in English and created their own timelines of key events in History using a range of sources.

4C enjoyed an insightful history lesson learning about the 1968 Olympics Black Power Salute. We worked in groups to explore the racial injustices Jesse Owens and Tommy Smith faced.

3M enjoyed working in pairs to decide whether Muhammed Ali was right to refuse to go to war, as part of Black History Month.

As part of 5W's work on Black History Month, we looked at the life of Nelson Mandela. We also talked to each other about the changes we would like to see in our country.

3N have enjoyed learning about Muhammad Ali in their Black History lesson.

4C enjoyed ordering the Battle of Hastings depicted on the Bayeux Tapestry in chronological order on a timeline and discussing the differences between life in 1066 and our lives today in the 21st Century.

We enjoyed our Black History afternoon in 5C. We learnt compared and contrasted the lives of two important figures in Black History: Nelson Mandela and Barrack Obama.

5C Enjoyed Their History Lesson Learning About the Feudal System. We Compared the Different Social Classes and Explained Which Social Class We Would Like to Belong to and Why.

6F have been looking at a range of historical sources to find out how Queen Victoria wanted to be portrayed. They also discussed the reliability of the sources that they looked at.

3N enjoyed a lesson ordering the events of the Stone Age in chronological order.

6F enjoyed becoming Victorian children and taking part in a Drill lesson (PE). They then compared their school life to that of a Victorian child.

5HW investigated different sources of evidence to find out about Tudor crime and punishment.

4W learning to be a Roman soldier

6F had a fantastic afternoon at The Beacon learning all about life in Britain during World War II.

Year 4 have had fun learning about mosaics and Roman numerals!

6M engrossed in their research about Black History Month


5D have enjoyed comparing a medieval map of Pudding Lane in London with a contemporary map of Pudding Lane. They discussed their findings in their group then fed back to the whole class.

Comparing Maps

4C's Learning About the Battle of Hastings
During our History topic about 1066 this term, we have enjoyed learning about Motte and Bailey Castles, the Bayeux Tapestry and the Battle of Hastings. We have used chronology to organise key events on a timeline, evaluated the effectiveness of Motte and Bailey Castles and discussed what made a good King. Here are some pictures of our learning during the term. 

5HW have been studying the topic ‘Peasants, Princes and Pestilence’. During this topic we compared how London has changed.

Historian Careers Visit

We had a historian visiting today from Tullie House to tell us all about the range of artefacts they have and what they have to do to look after them which is part of a historian's job. He also talked about the range of jobs you can do in a museum.

4C enjoyed learning about the History of Anaesthetic as part of our Science topic - Potions

Year 6 enjoyed travelling back in time on a trip to Beamish. It really brought our Victorian topic to life.

4C and 4K's visit to the Roman Army Museum and Vindolanda 
4C and 4K had a fantastic trip to Vindolanda and the Roman Army Museum. During our trip, we had the opportunity to view and handle Roman artefacts, listen to a talk from an archaeologist and explore two museums. At Vindolanda, we used clues from artefacts found during excavations, to help us understand the former uses of buildings within the remains. We had a fantastic day and learnt lots of information that will help us during our new topic, 'I am Warrior!' 

3Q enjoyed a Stone Age themed day yesterday. They welcomed a visitor to the school who taught them lots about the Early Stone Age. They also dissected 'Stone Age poo' to find out about their diet and created their own cave paintings.

5W thoroughly enjoyed ‘Play in a Day’ and the performance was fantastic. It was a great introduction to our topic ‘Off With Her Head’.

5D thoroughly enjoyed ‘Play in a Day’ and the performance was fantastic. It was a great introduction to our topic ‘Off With Her Head’.

Describing Roman Battle Scenes in 4K

Excellent paired work in 4K today as the children used the senses to describe a Roman battle scene!

4K Visit to WW1 Exhibition at the Beacon Museum

4K thoroughly enjoyed their visit to the Beacon this afternoon to learn about WWI.

3F had a Stone Age day today! They created cave paintings and dissected Stone Age poo to find out what their diets would have been like. We were also lucky enough to have a Stone Age visitor to introduce our Tribal Tales topic and teach us about the tools and clothes that they would have used and worn.

Year 6 History Session from St Joseph's

5W Celebrating Black History Day

Year 6 Visit to the WW1 Exhibition at the Beacon Museum

Year 6 thoroughly enjoyed their visit to The Beacon this morning. Primarily, the visit was to see the wonderful WW1 memorial exhibition but we also enjoyed looking at other historical sources while we were there.

Year 6 Victorian Christmas Visit to the Helena Thompson Museum

Year 3 Visit to Tullie House