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Infant/Junior Transition

Early Years and Year 6 Transition Information



In the summer term before they start, the children visit us for sample days. We also invite the children each year to the Christmas Show. After settling in the children are assessed so that we have a true and accurate starting point from which we measure progress. We call these assessments 'Baseline Assessments'.


Our Baseline Assessments are validated by an external source every year, Parents are invited to discuss results with the class teacher. Ofsted praise the accuracy of Seaton Junior School's Baseline Assessments:


" Accurate assessments of attainment in Year 3"

Ofsted 2012


"Pupils are rigorously tested when they enter the school in Year 3. Results of these tests have been scrutinised by representatives of the local authority and an independent consultant who confirm their accuracy"

Ofsted 2015


''Leaders have established good systems for making sure that their own assessments are as accurate as possible when pupils enter the school at Year 3. Information from these assessments, together with a range of evidence, including work in pupils’ books, shows that over time pupils currently in the school now make strong progress in reading, writing and mathematics. ''

Ofsted 2019