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OFSTED Report 2019 - Good with Outstanding Features

A Summary of the Key Strengths of the School - OFSTED 2019


As you read the report you will see that the strengths of the school include:


  • A clear vision that makes the school a very safe, happy and welcoming place in which pupils learn well
  • Leaders successfully motivating staff to share their determination
  • Established effective systems for holding teachers to account
  • Pupils currently in the school making strong progress in reading, writing and mathematics
  • Academic standards have risen over the last 3 years for all subjects and groups of children
  • Governors are passionately committed to the life of the school and share the headteacher’s vision to improve outcomes for pupils
  • Teachers’ strong subject knowledge
  • High quality training for teachers
  • Pupils talking of their aspirations for the future and having excellent attitudes to learning
  • A culture of high expectation
  • A wealth of opportunities for children across the curriculum
  • Teachers appreciating the support and training they receive from subject leaders
  • Pupils with SEND making strong progress
  • Pupils saying that they feel very safe in school and their parents and carers agree with this view
  • Teachers’ having high expectations and clear explanations ensuring that pupils settle quickly to work
  • Teachers’  skilful  questioning to check pupils’ understanding
  • The overwhelming majority of parents who responded to Ofsted’s Parent View questionnaire agreed that they receive valuable information from the school about their child’s progress
  • Leaders and governors have established a range of important measures to ease the transition for pupils when they transfer at the end of key stage 1
  • Pupils develop spiritually, morally, socially and culturally through a wide range of activities that leaders provide
  • Children are extremely proud of their school
  • Pupils rarely miss a day at school
  • Pupils currently in school read widely and often and with confidence and enjoyment
  • Teaching routinely promotes the development of pupils’ vocabulary and this is reflected in work books of current pupils


Of special interest to parents is the following judgement:


The school’s work to promote pupils’ personal development, behaviour and welfare is OUTSTANDING.


The above includes the following strengths:


  • Strong relationships at all levels
  • Children being confident and resilient learners
  • Children having excellent attitudes to learning with high levels of concentration
  • Children understanding the link between hard work and success
  • An extremely open school culture which prioritises pupils’ safety and welfare
  • Pupils’ outstanding behaviour and impeccable conduct
  • High expectations of behaviour
  • Children having faith in their teachers and know exactly what to do if they need help
  • Bullying is quickly dealt with
  • Effective safeguarding practice

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