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Science at Seaton St. Paul's C of E Junior School

We are curious thinkers at Seaton St. Paul's C of E Junior School and love to investigate and find out more about the world.

At Seaton St. Paul's C of E Junior School we aim to develop children's understanding of the world around them through high quality teaching and learning. Children are encouraged to investigate, solve problems and ask questions. 

Core Principles of Science Teaching and Learning

  • Children enjoy Science
  • Their learning is enriched with practical activities
  • Children are encouraged to become curious thinkers, asking questions and exploring their ideas
  • Children use appropriate scientific vocabulary to talk about their learning
  • Collaborative learning allows everyone to have a role during experiments and other practical activities
  • Children learn how to investigate systematically and begin to lead their own enquiries
  • Context allows children to make links and their learning relevant to them
  • Learning is recorded in a variety of ways

Take  a look at some of our learning in Science... 

5H enjoyed investigating how to separate different mixtures.

5H have been investigating the particle model.

6F investigated the relationship between shadow size and distance the object is away from the light source.

Whole School Spooky Science Afternoon!

3Q enjoyed their investigation. They made thick, stretchy edible slime which tasted delicious!

3Q have written fantastic narratives called 'The Journey of a Fossil'. They explain the process of fossilisation.

Investigating Light and Shadows

Year 5 Investigating Gravity

Year 6 Making Blood

Year 4 Investigating Viscosity of Liquids

Year 4 Measuring Puddles

Year 6 Making a Food Web

Year 4 Learning about Burping!

Year 5 Building the Solar System (To Scale!)

Year 5 Tasting Cress

Year 4 Investigating the Effect of Liquids on Teeth

Year 3 Making Volcanoes

Year 4 Investigating Sound

Year 4 Building Electrical Circuits

Year 6 Making Fruit Batteries