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Sport Provision

We are very proud of our Sport Provision at Seaton St. Paul's C of E Junior School:

  • Mr Wright (our specialist sports coach) and his team come in to teach PE every afternoon.
  • In conjunction with our PE Leader, Mr Wright leads staff CPD in the development of key teaching skills. A software programme is used on iPADs that enables the planning, assessing and recording of children's activities. The iPADs are used when children watch video content. Children can also record their own learning journey too. His  team also teaches a 5S programme that helps the children develop their skills. This focuses on: strength, stamina, speed, suppleness and skills. 
  • Mr Wright and his team also deliver Healthy Ways sessions. The children learn how to stay healthy and identify the food groups that we need.
  • As a school we engage with local sports providers to deliver a comprehensive after school sports programme. These clubs include karate, multi-skills, football, hockey, gymnastics, cricket and a fun PE club. There's something for everyone!
  • Our sports teams have had excellent success in athletics, football, hockey, tennis, cricket, handball, dodgeball and swimming galas.
  • We have a Gifted and Talented extra- curricular sports club which links into the Allerdale Multi-Skill Academy.
  • We dedicate a week of our Sport Curriculum to Healthy Eating.
  • We celebrate sporting achievements in and out of school during weekly Celebration Worship.
  • Year 5 and 6 Sports Leaders deliver an 'Active Play Programme' which motivates their peers to increase activity levels. They plan and lead activities each lunchtime and are a wonderful example to others.


Here are some examples of what our children said during our Sport Pupil Voice:


"We learn that is is important to never give up and get support from our team mates."


"PE keeps us fit and healthy now and gives us lots of opportunities for the future."

Competition Calendar 2021-2022

Competition Calendar 2020-2021

Competition Calendar 2019-2020

Here is some information about February Half Term sports activities.

May Half Term Sports Activities

Summer Holiday Activities

Well done to some of our children who took part in a swimming gala this morning.

School Games Mark Certificate

Common Wealth Games Escape Room Activities

Well done to some of our Year 5 children who took part in a football competition today.⚽️

Congratulations to some of our Year 6 children who came first in an escape room competition. 🥇

Congratulations to some of our Year 4 children who took part in a rounders competition and came 2nd! Super efforts from all of you!

3Ni have enjoyed their Common Wealth Games relay competition today. They have been practising how to hold the baton correctly.

4C had a wonderful time practicing their Rugby skills with Jamie Doran, they learned how to control the ball and throw it. They worked very well as a team, super work!

3Ni have enjoyed their PE lesson out in the sunshine this morning. They have been learning about how to use and throw a javelin correctly.

Year 4's enjoyed the Commonwealth Games Escape Room programme with Chance Camp coach Reece Robinson. #physicalchallenge #mentalchallenge - ESCAPE. Thanks to Allerdale School Sport Partnership, Linda Borthwick for the opportunity.

Congratulations to some of our children who competed in a Panatholn competition today! 🥇

Well done to some of our Year 4 children who came 4th in their football competition.

Year 6 have enjoyed their Easter Egg Hunt this morning. 🐣

Year 3 have enjoyed their Easter Egg Hunt this morning. 🐣

Well done to some of our Year 3 children who took part in a dodgeball competition today. ⭐️

6F practised their netball skills in the sunshine this morning. Their accuracy is improving every week.

#LetGirlsPlay⚽️ The girls have enjoyed their football sessions today, which were promoting girls football. They all took part and there were some fantastic skills used!⭐️

Well done to some of our Year 5 children who took part in a table tennis competition yesterday.

5H enjoying creating their own games in PE.

4J developed their evasion skills and then used them in their first try at a game of Netball.

Well done to some of our Year 3 children who took part in a multi-skills competition this morning.

3Ni have enjoyed their PE session this morning. They have been learning how to play hockey.

6F practised their dribbling skills in PE this morning.

Well done to our swimmers of the week in 3Ni. Everyone has done brilliantly this week! ⭐️

4C used their knowledge of space to dribble balls in a figure of eight through cones whilst keeping the ball controlled and close to their feet. Super work everyone!

4C had an amazing time learning the game of Benchball there was incredible team work and sportsmanship.

5C Enjoyed Using a Variety of Equipment to Make Up Games Using Rules

Well done to our Christmas escape room winners! They completed 5 mental and physical challenges to win!

Well done to our boccia team with their competition this week.

Here is some information about Workington Zebras if your child would like to join.

Here is a fun, elf-y and educational advent calendar to help you stay active during December!




St Joseph’s School Sports Development Officer David Wise is pleased to announce four days of sport, dance and creativity as the ideal way to keep your children active in the lead up to Christmas. Mr Wise says “We are delighted that we will be delivering 4 fantastic days of Coach and Teacher led sport, dance and creativity in the lead up to Christmas and to make things even more special we have free places each day for children who receive benefits-related Free School Meals and other eligible children in particular circumstances”. For further information on this please visit www.cumbria.gov.uk/holidays.

Well done to 6F's swimmers of the week!

6F really enjoyed their swimming sessions this week!

Year 6 enjoyed a National Trust salmon swimming obstacle course.

6F enjoyed squat bucking bronco during PE with Mr Wright.

4C have had a wonderful three weeks learning how to play tennis and practicing their serving and receiving skills.

4C had a brilliant time exercising with Joe Wicks for Children in Need, super stretching and form everyone!

3Ni have enjoyed their gymnastics lesson this morning.

Congratulations to our hockey team who came 2nd in their competition yesterday! ⭐️

Well done to the Year 6 green team who won the PE escape rooms.

Well done to Esme who has won a skipping competition.

Well done to our netball team, who came 2nd in their competition!

Well done to our benchball team, who came 4th out of 18 teams! 🌟

Well done to Zander and Xander in 3Ni, who have completed fantastic work over the last few weeks as part of their healthy ways programme with Mr Wright.

3Ni have enjoyed their healthy ways sessions with Mr Wright over the last few weeks. They have been learning about how to stay fit and healthy.

Year 3 have had a fabulous afternoon den building!

Year 4 enjoyed a football tournament celebrating the spirit of the Euros.

Year 5 Enjoyed Their Orienteering Session Today

3N have enjoyed their first session learning about ways to stay healthy.

3M really enjoyed their first lesson with Mr Wright learning about ways to stay healthy.

Well done to Esme and Isla in Year 3 who have won some events in the 5 Stars 5 Steps competition.

Year 3 had a fantastic time this morning taking part in the Easter egg hunt. They searched around our school yard looking for the eggs. Well done to our winners in Year 3!

Year 5 had a great morning completing an Easter Egg hunt on the playground.

Year 4 had a fabulous morning hunting for Easter eggs in the playground, they competed to see who could find all 8 hidden places first. Super work everyone, great running and investigation skills.

Year 3 had a fantastic afternoon learning about the ancient and modern Olympics. We took part in a few of our own events and had lots of fun!

Year 3 enjoyed their rounders competition. There was some super fielding skills by both teams. Well done!

Y5 loved our rounders competition! There was some fantastic batting and fielding by both teams.

Year 5 Enjoyed their Handball Competition this Afternoon. Well done everyone! :)

Year 4 had an exciting afternoon playing a rounders competition. There was some brilliant fielding and several rounders. Great job everyone!

Year 3 had a lovely morning taking part in a handball competition.

Year 3 had a fantastic time competing in their football competition.

Year 4 had an amazing time at their football competition today.

Year 6 Took Part in a Football Competition This Afternoon.

Year 6 Enjoyed Taking Part in Their Dodgeball Competition This Morning.

Year 5 Had a Great Time This Afternoon During Their Football Competition

Y5 thoroughly enjoyed the dodgeball tournament. It was very competitive!

Year 4 had an exhilarating morning challenging each other in a Dodgeball tournament, great skills everyone!

Year 3 have enjoyed their Dodgeball competition this morning. They all played really well and used lots of skills.

Our Weekly Virtual Competitions Held by Chance Camp

Well done to Zayn and Esme in 3N for winning the Allerdale Primary School’s virtual squat jump challenge. 🥇🥇

Another great tennis session from 3N this week. They we’re focusing on aiming and hitting the ball back to their partners.🎾

3N have really enjoyed their Tennis session with Rob this morning. They practised hitting with their weakest hand and finished off with a mini match. 🎾

3N have enjoyed their Tennis session this morning!

Well done to Rocco who won the Allerdale Year 6 skipping challenge with 270 skips in 2 minutes!

A group of our Year 5 children training to become play leaders and help us play safely.

Our G&T club enjoying the sun and working on key skills!

Our fantastic Hockey team came joint first in their tournament. They will now compete in the County School Games.

Well done to our Hockey team who came first in their competition this week!

Our fantastic Athletics team who came joint first in their competition on Tuesday! They will compete in the next round in March.

The children started 2020 with our team fitness challenge. 10 teams of 4, head to head over 7 events. Excellent effort being made!

The children taking part in one of our fantastic afterschool activites! Lots of fun being had and using key skills!

Well done to our Athletics team who came first in their competition this morning!

Our High 5 Netball champions!

One of our after school clubs enjoying Gymnastics and Athletics. Lots of fun had by all.

We are very proud of our netball team who came joint first in their competition this week. They are now through to the next round!

We enjoyed taking part in the 5 Star 5 Steps programme in PE. We had the opportunity to challenge ourselves and see what our very best can be!

We tried skiing during our residential - a first for many!

We are COUNTY WINNERS! Amazing determination from our athletics team.

We are very proud of the children from year4 who won the SILVER award at a Quicksticks Hockey Tournament.

Our athletics team took part in the Allerdale Final after winning the Workington schools Indoor Athletics Competition. They WON and will now represent Allerdale in the County finals at Penrith.

Duathlon Event

School Games Sports Day 2018

Athletics Update January 2018

Fantastic news - we are have just become Allerdale District Athletics Champions (for 5 out of 6 years!). On to the county finals next!

Allerdale Champions

What a fantastic experience our children had this week, when they got some training from local athlete and World Champion Wheelchair Basketball player, Nat!

Winners Again - Workington Schools' Athletics Champions 2017-18!

Thanks to becoming Champions of Workington Primary Schools we are now on our way to defending our title of Allerdale District Champions.

Extra training and preparation planned!

For the last 4 out of 6 years we have made it to the county finals. At the finals we have managed to achieve the status of County Champions and runner-up County Champions!

Here is our county record:

2014 - second in county

2016 - county champions

2017 - second in county


We Have Twice Been Awarded The Gold Mark Below

Sports Funding Provision Report 2017-2018

Chance Camp has multi skills clubs including developing sporting talent in Allerdale. Some children from our school took part in an activity week along with other schools.

Year 6 have been trialling for the school team which will attend the Level 2 competition in November at Lakes College.

Sports teams who have taken part in competitions throughout the year.

It is important to dress for the occasion- here we are ready for sport!


We are so proud of our Athletics Team. Not only did they WIN the Workington Schools and Allerdale Sports Hall Athletics tournament, they were also runners- up in the County Final. The team received many comments on their impeccable behaviour and sportsmanship throughout the day. Well done, Seaton!

We provide a club for our talented sportsmen and women to challenge themselves in all areas.

We dedicate a week of our Sports Curriculum to learning about the importance of Healthy Eating and Balanced Diets.

Mr Wright has been working with all the children this week on education around balanced diets. The children have looked at different food groups and their importance. Each child has completed a food diary to highlight how balanced their diet is, completed a lunch time meal design and tasked with completing an activity diary over the holidays. All the children showed interest in the recent app available from Change4life, Food Smart which helps identify healthy foods.

Year 6 enjoying working on their teamwork and strategy skills. They work brilliantly together.

Year 5 are keen to improve their fitness!

Year 5 Gymnastics Lessons

Year 6 Rugby Lessons

Year 4 improving their throwing skills with Mr. Wright

Year 5 classes enjoying their PE lesson with Mr Wright

Year 6 Boxercise